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Garden Suites in Edmonton

Garden suites are a fantastic addition and investment you can make in your Edmonton property. Timber Haus’s experience with Garden Suites in Edmonton gives us the expertise you need to get your garden suite off the ground.  Our team has built some of Edmonton’s finest garden suites; check out our gallery below! Contact our team today if you are considering adding a Garden Suite to your property.  We are happy to provide information on options and how to best proceed. Connect with our team to learn more!

Feature Podcast

Check out the recent In Development podcast where our very own Don Tolsma is interviewed on all things Garden Suites! The In Development cast asks Don about his clients, and he shares how their infill projects have helped people age in place and afford the neighhourhood they love.

What are some of the benefits of an

Edmonton Garden Suite?

Garden suites in Edmonton have many benefits, both economic and functional.
Here are some of the main benefits:
Bird of Prey Garden Suite
Onaba Garden Suite
Powell Garden Suite
The Grove Garden Suite

We Make Building an Edmonton Garage Suite Easy!

Building a garden suite in Edmonton comes with its own set of challenges! We take the guesswork out of the entire process.  We will handle everything for you, including design, permits, and development. Some of the most common challenges we take care of:

Garden Suite Videos

Garden Suite FAQ

- Can I build a garden suite on my property?

The answer is usually yes! Garden suites are allowed on all residential lots, but lot size, lane access, and other variables will affect what is possible on your property. Our Team will work with you to explore your possibilities and develop the best solution for your property in your free consultation.

- How much do garden suites cost?

Our garden suites start at 225K for a one-bedroom suite above a double garage. For ground-level suites, pricing will vary depending on the size you go with and your design and finishing selections. Feel free to get in touch for a free consultation, and our Team will assist you with putting together an investment range for your impressive Timber Haus Garden Suite!

- Can we have two legal suites and our primary home for a total of 3 suites on our property?

Yes, you sure can! The City of Edmonton recently removed the parking requirement for suites, so we can now have three legal suites on almost any lot. Our knowledgeable team will help you explore all your property options; feel free to get in touch to book your appointment today!

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