The Grove Garden Suite.

Featured Design: The Grove

The definition of Biophilic Design is showcased in this 485 sq ft, naturally lit, open-concept garden suite. Complete with a walk-in closet, micro kitchen, Spa-like ensuite, and built-in furniture. Come and see what is possible with a small space!

A unique feature of this suite is the Living Roof located off the second floor’s balcony. Yes, a living roof! This means plants on top of the roof. This is great for many reasons. It combats the “urban heat island effect,” controls rainwater runoff, and creates a microclimate that attracts a whole ecosystem of insects and mammals. In the summer, hundreds of bees come to pollinate the blooming flowers. The lower garage portion is an excellent example of a cost-effective home gym setup.

Please make an appointment with us to take a tour!

Top view of new garden suite in Edmonton

The Grove Gallery

The Grove: Walkthrough