What You Need to Know About Garden Suite Building Costs

Are you thinking about investing in a garden suite but have no idea what it costs? Have you decided whether you want a one-storey suite, or are you hoping to maximize the space and build a garage suite instead? 

Several factors will determine the cost of your suite, including the size and materials you wish to use and the building design. This post offers ideas for building the perfect garden suite and outlines how your choices can affect your costs.

What Is a Garden Suite?

A garden suite, also known as a garage suite or backyard house or laneway home, is a separate single or two-storey structure built in the backyard of your existing property. These two suites are self-contained units that have their own kitchen, bathroom, and living space. They are perfect for use as an in-law suite or rental property.

How Big Is Your Garden Suite?

It makes sense that the larger your suite is, the more costs there will be. A single-story suite takes less time to build but can typically cost more; however, it’s good to assess your options to ensure you’re getting what you need—have you thought about a two-car garage on the main floor with a suite upstairs? This layout is perfect to keep your car warm during our long winters, and you can use the extra space in the garage to store seasonal items or any overflow from the main house.

The Materials You Use Affect the Cost

The cost of your garden suite can vary depending on the type of materials you use. If you are working on a budget, ask your builder about the materials that accommodate this need. They may provide options for minimal materials, mid-level finishes, and luxury finishes to choose the level that best suits your budget.

What Other Costs Are There?

In addition to the material and labour costs of building the garden suite, there are often many additional costs for the project. These may include the cost of land surveys and city permit fees.

Should You Build a Garden Suite or Create a Basement Suite?

If you are looking to develop a rental suite on your property, there are several reasons to choose a garden suite over a basement suite. Garden suites are more popular with tenants than basement suites because of the added privacy, natural light, and separate entrances. Plus, you can rent them out at a higher rate. Both tenants and homeowners can also enjoy the privacy afforded by living in separate dwellings.

A Garden Suite Can Increase the Value of Your Home

While building a garden suite can seem like a big investment at the outset, you should also consider the benefits when you sell your property. Having a garden suite that serves as a rental unit is attractive to new homebuyers as they can use the income from the rental suite to pay down their mortgage costs. This will increase the value of your property, helping you to eventually recover the costs of building your garden suite.

Build a Garden Suite in Edmonton

If you are looking to build an garden suite in the Edmonton area, call Timber Haus for a free consultation. We have a passion for building elegant and purposefully designed homes, and we’re excited to make your garden suite dreams a reality.