5 Must-Ask Questions to Consider Before Building a Garden Suite

Garden suites are becoming a common feature of Edmonton residential properties and can be a great addition to your home. While it can be exciting to start thinking about the design of your garden suite, it’s also important to consider your options carefully so you can maximize the use of your space. The following are five essential questions to ask when planning your design.

1. What Is the Primary Purpose of Your Garden Suite?

There are many reasons to create a garden suite, as it can be used for many purposes, including a home office, a convenient living space for your aging parents, or as a source of additional income.


Creating an In-Law Suite

Building a garden suite on your property is a great way to keep parents close as they get older.

A separate garden suite unit provides the independence they desire while having the family close by to provide comfort. Living close to family can enrich everyone’s daily life. In addition, you have peace of mind knowing your family members are safe. You’re also close enough to provide support when needed.


Earning Extra Income

Creating a garden suite can help you earn additional income by renting out the space to tenants. A garden suite is the perfect size for single people or for young couples starting out and looking for an affordable place to live. Having a garden suite also increases the value of your property, so when you decide to sell, your garden suite may pay for itself.

2. Can Your Lot Accommodate a Garden Suite?

Not all lots may be suitable for a garden suite; it’s essential to find out about any zoning restrictions in your community. If you’re considering a garden suite and live in Edmonton, it’s crucial to look over the regulations that are set by the City of Edmonton. There may be a property size minimum or height regulations, or power poles that can be expensive to move.


3. What Design Would You Like?

The type of design you choose will largely depend on the future use of the space. If you’re planning to rent out your suite, your building design team may recommend a suite that prioritizes privacy for yourself and your tenants. They may suggest positioning the windows and doors away from directly facing the main house to create a sense of separation between the two living spaces.

If you’re building an artist’s studio, you’ll probably want to maximize the natural light and take advantage of any garden features to create an inspiring view.

4. What Kind of Garden Suite Is Ideal?

Depending on the intended use of your garden suite, the designs will differ. Before settling on your design, we recommend thinking into the future for any other uses your suite could have. If you have young kids now, they could move into the suite as their starter home. If you foresee the need to take care of elderly parents, consider building a one-storey suite, as they may eventually struggle to get up and down stairs.

Include a Garage in Your Design

If you’re struggling for space in your home or the garden shed is overflowing, why not build a two-storey suite with a garage on the main floor? A garage suite is a great solution for housing your cars and keeping them warm during the winter months. It’s also great for storing patio furniture, sports equipment, and any unused items from your house. You can also design a larger space so you can use your garage as a hobby studio or as a place to store tools if your passion is woodwork or fixing cars.


5. Where Can You Find a Trusted Team to Build Your Garden Suite?

The best way to design the garden suite of your dreams is to connect with professional garden suite builders. An experienced team knows the rules and regulations when it comes to building your garage suite and can lay out the options from the start.

When considering a garden suite builder, look at their website to find out if their designs are in line with your preferred aesthetic. Customer reviews are also a great option for knowing more about the quality of the suites and the level of service you can expect from the team.

Build a Gorgeous Garden Suite in Edmonton

If you’re interested in adding a garden suite to your property, connect with our design team here at Timber Haus. We specialize in building custom homes, infill homes, and garden suites and look forward to collaborating with you on your project. Connect with us today!