Bird of Prey.

Featured Design: Bird of Prey

The Bird of Prey has a soaring architecture that offers a unique home style that is a level above the designs seen in infill neighbourhoods. The approach to the Bird of Prey allows visitors to get a taste of the design they will experience. The large mono-slab roof, vertical siding, and stucco accents bring contemporary flair, and the woodgrain decor provides some warmth. 

Continuing the visit inside, you quickly see a horizontal hardwood feature. This acts as a design accent and visually separates the space, allowing the entrance to be a place for intimate goodbyes. 

The staircase is stunning. The glass walls and open hardwood risers allow light to enter playfully and cascade throughout. 

The kitchen in the Bird of Prey is dark, bold, and beautiful. Black cabinets and a black marble countertop balance with the natural elements of the walnut cabinets. Transom windows within the backsplash bring in warm natural light. The lowered eating bar has a marble countertop that is beautiful and functional. This is truly a space to indulge in culinary creations. 

Timber Haus’s approach was to create a legal basement and garden suite to generate additional income. The garden suite’s architecture complements the home, and the spaces designed within are perfect for a University student within a convenient location. 

We design homes tailored to our clients. With this home, the clients are a young family always on the go, with an active lifestyle close to Mill Creek Ravine and the Richie Market. 

exterior Bird of Prey
Bird of Prey Concept
Garden suite exterior
Bird of Prey Garden Suite Design

Bird of Prey Gallery

Garden Suite Gallery