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Home Builders Philosophy

Quality, Design, Relationships

At Timber Haus, our home builders philosophy is to treat clients like family.  This simple yet impactful philosophy guides all our decisions.  In our client’s eyes, we are not just home builders.  We become trusted friends and advisors.  Your Timber Haus home is more than just a place to live. It is an environment for living – one that brings you joy, comfort and satisfaction. It is part of your identity, a place to experience life with your family. It is a creation that is yours alone.

Timber Haus Philosophy

Quality Homes

Timber Haus strives to build the highest quality homes possible. Our talented craftsmen take great pride in their work and strive towards long-lasting quality.  Quality workmanship is paramount when building your dream infill, secondary suite, garden suite, or custom home.

When building your Timber Haus home, we thoughtfully select materials with your vision and requirements in mind. Quality of materials is an essential step in building your vision. In the end, what makes a Timber Haus Home remarkable is how easily you and your family fit right in.

Biophilic Design

Timber Haus homes have a biophilic design focus.  People have a natural attraction to nature and natural lines.  Our designs seek to connect people more closely to nature.  We incorporate natural lighting and ventilation and natural landscape features to create a more productive and calming environment. People are inherently programmed to respond positively to natural environments.  When we design your house, we incorporate a biophilic design.

timber haus design philosophy

Long Term Relationships

We build custom homes that will last generations – building responsibly in ways that support the neighbourhood and the community while always being there for our clients.  The relationships between the builder, the homeowner and the community are vital to our philosophy.  We strive to be part of the communities we build in.  Many of our builds are in established neighbourhoods, and we want our homes to fit in seamlessly. 

We view the relationships with our clients as long-term, evolving, and ongoing. Once we finish building your home, the relationship continues to grow.  We stand by our product and continue to be involved with your home as it grows. Our job is to listen to you, understand your vision and translate it into action through design, quality craftsmanship and high-quality materials.  At Timber Haus, we understand that what we build is more than just a home for our clients; it is an opportunity to build relationships for life.

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