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There is nothing like seeing your dreams become a reality. Having Timber Haus build your luxury custom home, crafted around your dream design, is an indescribably special feeling. We are humbled to be recognized as premier Luxury Home Builders in Edmonton.

Our team of designers takes time to learn and understand your vision of your custom home.  We work closely with you to create a unique custom project designed specifically for you. Using our philosophy of naturally inspired living, we work collaboratively to create a custom-built luxury home that will exceed all your expectations.

Building your dream home is a large financial and emotional investment. Timber Haus owners Don Tolsma and John Wilson understand how much building a luxury custom home means to their clients.  They will personally walk you through the custom home journey every step of the way.  The Timber Haus team will work closely and collaboratively to ensure your vision becomes a reality.  We build homes we would be proud to live in ourselves and are humbled so many Edmontonians trust us with their dream.

Custom Estate Home Builders

Timber Haus is proud to be known as a custom estate home builder in Edmonton. With our philosophy of naturally inspired living, our team creates bespoke custom homes that give our clients the benefits of feeling closer to nature in everyday life. We consider every detail in designing, developing, and building your home, ensuring it takes every advantage of the natural features of your property.

Timber Haus meticulously designs luxury homes specifically to meet your needs.  Using biophilic design principles to enhance the comfort and health benefits of your home.

Our Custom Luxury Home Building Process

Collaborative Design Brainstorming
Initial Design Concept and Costing
custom home design
Final Draft of Home Plans & Contract Documentation
Sign Custom Home Contract
home design
Commencement of On-Site Construction
Regular On-Site Walk-Throughs
Possession and Inspection of your New Timber Haus Home
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