Honey Haus.

Featured Design: Honey Haus

This design is sweeter than honey and was named after the bright yellow exterior finish our clients chose for the build. With a huge partially covered open patio, it takes advantage of some beautiful trees surrounding the property, giving it the “treehouse” feel we often talk about. This space also has an oversized garage underneath, giving our homeowners space for all their hobbies.

This suite is adding much-needed housing to a neighbourhood close to downtown. Since the homeowners took possession, it has been rented out by family and friends, creating a little micro-community. It is designed to give them privacy from each other when needed. With a vaulted ceiling, it feels much bigger than the 551 square feet it occupies, and by efficiently using all the space, it is a design that we are incredibly proud of and excited to share!

Honey Haus Gallery