Service and Warranty is Why People Love Timber Haus.

Timber Haus New Home Warranty & Service

At Timber Haus, our reputation as the best service home builder in Edmonton is well-earned.

We treat our clientele like family.

We view our relationships with our clientele as lifelong and ongoing. It is not uncommon for our relationships to span decades and multiple builds. We build you a home with the security of service you can trust for its lifespan. The Alberta New Home Buyers Warranty does not just cover your Timber Haus home. We go well beyond.

Many Edmonton builders vanish after the home is built and try to do as little work as possible. We are the exact opposite of that. Our homes stand as a living testimonial of our craftsmanship. That is why we stand by our work. Here is just the start of what you can expect from a Timber Haus home warranty:

home warranty

Alberta New Home Buyers Warranty.

1 Year - Materials & Labour

Coverage for defects in materials and labour (baseboards, flooring, trim) 

2 Year - Delivery & Distribution Systems

Coverage for defects in materials and labour related to delivery and distribution systems (heating, electrical, plumbing) 

5 Year - Building Envelope

Envelope coverage for defects in the system of components separates the conditioned space from the unconditioned space (roof, exterior walls)

10 Year - Structural

Coverage for the load-bearing parts of the home (frame, foundation) 

Extended Two-Year Building Envelope

Optional additional building envelope coverage protects you from defects in your home’s building envelope for two years over and above the mandatory five-year coverage, extending the coverage period to a maximum of seven years from the commencement date. Your home builder may opt for this coverage at the time of the project application.  

Living Expenses

The new home buyer’s warranty covers reasonable living expenses if your new home is uninhabitable.