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Award-Winning Home Designer in Edmonton

Are you looking for a custom home, garden suite or secondary suite? Are you worried about the complex process of designing a custom project? Rest easy. Our team of award-winning Home Designers in Edmonton is here to guide you from your vision right up to possession day. Our in-house design and drafting allow us to provide design services that are a step above the rest.

Working with your client representative, you will experience fantastic turn-around times and a level of service that cannot be matched by an architect or builder alone. Our comprehensive design process comprises planning, project costing, design, and professional drafting, all in one convenient package.

Just $4500.00 gets you started on the path of designing your new custom home or secondary suite.  All design and drafting fees are refunded to you once you choose to build with Timber Haus, making this a free service for you as a thank you for your trust in us; interested in learning more? Contact us today with any questions!

Custom Home Designer in Edmonton

Timber Haus has a team of in-house home designers ready to make your dreams a reality.  Our Team uses the principles of biophilic design to create awe-inspiring spaces.  We use this approach to build a custom home, build an infill, create the custom estate of your dreams, or develop a secondary suite.

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Secondary Suites in Edmonton

Naturally Inspired Living

Your home is your refuge and sanctuary. At Timber Haus, we design your home to enhance well-being and comfort through naturally inspired living. Naturally, the inspired design gives your family the best opportunity to thrive by removing the chaos and clutter of modern living.

Timber Haus’ home designs increase your connectivity to the natural environment using the innately emotional affiliation of human beings to other living organisms and natural patterns.

Simply put, your Timber Haus home allows you to have a sustained connection to your natural environment, creating health, fitness and well-being. 

Infill builds, custom-built homes, and new builds in established areas surrounded by natural features make ideal situations for incorporating naturally inspired design into your home.

Aspects of Natural Inspired Design you can incorporate into your Timber Haus home;

Building infills and custom homes offer our clients the fantastic opportunity to connect with the established natural features that only exist in older neighbourhoods.

Home Design FAQ

- How does home design work?

Home design is a demanding process crucial to the building of your home. At Timber Haus, our Team of designers knows which questions to ask to get the desired result.  Our Team will consider how you use your home, your home location, your budget, and what architectural style pleases you the most.

We start the design process with a good idea of what your dream house looks like. With constant communication, our Team will consider biophilic principles to build the home of your dreams.

- How much does a home designer cost?

Design cost can be anywhere from 5000 to 20000, depending on who you hire and the services included. The price is to design the house. The going rate for an interior designer is $120/hr.  Timber Haus rolls all of this into a simple package that includes, Plans with unique design features and interior design services for $4500. The charge is refunded if the customer proceeds with a build.

- How to design a home office?

Designing a home office is all about thinking about how you work and what can maximize your productivity. Do you talk on the phone often? Are you head down staring at a computer? Most home offices do best when we can make them private but open with lots of light. We also design them to have ample space, but not so much that you have to sacrifice other home areas. Our clients also consider any tech requirements and those who want a standing desk. Knowing these will help you pick the right size and furniture to be efficient with your time, focus on your tasks, and then return to the family.