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Strom is a German word that means stream, river, or flowing current. This amazing build was inspired by the creek that flows in the valley below this beautiful house. The Strom Haus is truly an embodiment of our design principle, Naturally Inspired Living. It’s the principle that guides all our decisions as a home builder, and this project was no different. We started by Introducing natural elements through stone, marble, wood, and light. The exceptional views of our beautiful city inspired us to create this fully custom 2261 sq. ft. house with our clients. We believe that the home is not just a place to live, it’s an environment that should bring you peace, joy, comfort, and satisfaction.

We started with a coveted lot which backs onto the river valley, with views of nature and cityscapes, something you can only get with an infill. Next, we collaborated with our clients to ensure that every space took advantage of the environment, learning about our client’s lifestyle and goals to develop a completely tailored layout. With a concept from local firm Stephenson House, our design team worked tirelessly with our clients to create a stunning, timeless interior that is both inspiring and functional.

With its rooftop patio overlooking the downtown skyline, the Strom Haus is a home without compromise.  An open concept main floor designed for comfortable and sophisticated living, an expansive kitchen with ample natural light, and one of the biggest rooftop patios we have ever built. The bathrooms are all worthy of their own write up, between the materials, layout and design the Strom Haus will continue to inspire us on our future projects moving forward.

show home kitchen and dining room
second floor patio with a view

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