Infill Housing Blends A New Home Into An Old Neighbourhood

Is the dream of owning your own home getting farther away from you? Maybe you can afford a new home, but you don’t want to live in a subdivision on the outskirts of town…

Sure, the houses are more affordable in one of Edmonton’s outlying communities, but do you want to spend a large part of your day commuting? Infill housing is an appealing option for people who want to live in a vibrant, urban community and enjoy the benefits of building a home that suits their lifestyle.  Studies show that the length of your commute is directly related to your overall happiness!

urban infill housing
Infill Housing

What is Infill Housing?

Infill homes are single-family or multi-family dwellings custom-built in a well-established mature neighbourhood on what are often small city lots. The property may have been subdivided, leaving the original home on the neighbouring lot, or might have an older home that requires wholesale renovation. Many homebuyers opt to tear down rather than renovate and custom-build a home that suits the lot, the location, and their lifestyle.

These homes can incorporate a basement suite – or garden suite – for potential rental income or an independent living space for extended family.

What are the advantages of infill housing?

Before you buy a new home in a suburban community, consider the benefits of infill housing close to Edmonton’s downtown core.

  1. Cut the Commute

If you’re getting into your first home, chances are you’ve been renting an apartment or suite close to work and your favourite recreational pursuits. You’ve been riding the bus or your bike to work and enjoying a near car-free life.

Building a new home in a mature neighbourhood keeps you close to transit, work, and the amenities you’ve come to appreciate about your neighbourhood…and keeps you out of the car.

2. Cut Energy Consumption

If you’re purchasing a home that’s part of a larger subdivision, you do not get a say in many of the architectural choices. 

So while you get to pick the finishing touches – paint, carpet, fixtures – you don’t necessarily have a say in footprint or how the house is oriented.

With a custom-built home, you’re in the driver’s seat from the very beginning. Want to build a Net-Zero home with power and water-saving options? With the right builder, you can! They’ll know about all the possibilities…

  • Strategically placed windows
  • Custom insulation for each floor of the house
  • Heating and cooling options, such as geothermal

Your builder might be aware of government grants and incentives that will help finance your power smart building options, as well.

  1. Add Character

There are some beautiful, well-established neighbourhoods in Edmonton – Strathcona, Belgravia, Riverdale, to name a few. There are tree-lined streets with parks, schools, and community centres linked to transportation hubs and all the amenities you could want at hand.

Your infill home doesn’t have to detract from the rich character that drew you there in the first place.

A good builder will blend your new home into the surroundings, staying true to the look and feel of the community while subtly expressing your individual taste.

Your home can become part of the fabric that makes a neighbourhood memorable and familiar.

  1. Add Value

A custom-built infill home – that includes energy-saving features and modern design elements – will add value to your real estate investment. New homes in well-established neighbourhoods are attracting higher prices than larger, older homes on bigger city lots.

Hire professionals for your infill housing project

Infill building can be an involved process…you’ll want a builder who understands all the factors involved.

  1. Understanding the neighbourhood

Unlike building in a brand new subdivision, infill building requires diplomatic skills. A construction zone tucked into an old, well-established neighbourhood won’t always be welcomed.

You want a builder who can maintain a level of professionalism and keep good relations with your next-door neighbours. To do so entails respecting noise bylaws, parking rules, and site clean-up.

Your new neighbours will get to know your construction crew before they get to know you…a good builder will keep that in mind and respect the tone of the community.

  1. Understanding your lifestyle

You don’t want a builder that comes to you with a catalogue of preset house plans…

You want a builder who takes the time to get to know you, your family, your immediate and future needs before designing and building your new home.

A good builder will have a long list of questions for you, and they’ll take note of your answers before drawing up the plans for your custom infill home.

3. Understanding your budget

There are virtually no limits to the features and finishes you can incorporate into your new home…but a good builder will know how to match your needs and wants with your budget.

If they’ve listened carefully to what you expect from your new house, they’ll know how to set priorities when it comes time to make decisions about heating, plumbing, lighting, and finishing options.

Trust Timber Haus with your infill building project

Every home renovation or building project is personal for our team. Our clients become part of our extended family…we strive to deliver exactly what every homeowner expects, wants and needs because we plan to keep in touch.

Infill housing is an excellent investment – whether it’s a new home for your family or a revenue opportunity in today’s hot rental market.  You can trust us to work with you to build the home you deserve. Want to learn more about our services? Contact us, and we’ll start a conversation.