What You Should Know About Building an Infill Home in Edmonton in 2023.

Infills have become a popular topic of discussion in Edmonton in recent years. As the city’s population continues to grow, limiting urban sprawl has become the focus of the local government and home builders.  Developing infills in mature neighbourhoods, such as Glenora, is quickly growing in popularity.  You will often see a single older home replaced with two new beautiful single-family homes.  Infill homes, by definition, are when you replace an existing property with either a single new home or split the lot into two or more new properties. If you have questions about the option around building and infill, you’ve come to the right place!

Building an infill home provides you with the advantages of a brand-new home, such as improved energy efficiency, with the benefits of living in a centrally located mature neighbourhood.  Many beautiful Edmonton neighbourhoods are zoned for infill development, so you have many options to choose from.  You can easily select a neighbourhood closer to your work or your child’s school. Here’s what you should know before getting started.

Master bedroom with black wall and art
New custom infill home in Edmonton

The Popularity of Infill Homes

Infill homes are a popular option for creating density in cities and solving issues such as housing shortages. Infills help generate interest in the city, optimize current space, provide attractive modern housing options, and create the potential for additional income as rental spaces. It’s also a great way to increase the value in older neighbourhoods by upgrading outdated homes.

Mature Neighbourhoods Love Infill Homes

Mature neighbourhoods with larger lots are leaning into the trend of building infill homes. Infill homes not only rejuvenate neighbourhoods by attracting new people to the area but also increase the value of neighbourhoods, helping them stay vibrant even longer.

Types of Infills

The space available for an infill depends on the neighbourhood and the lot in question. There are different types of infills to choose from to meet the desired usage and space available on the property.

The Skinny Infill

Skinny infills are usually narrow homes with lots of inside space and are typically built on lots that are 25 feet wide, or they can be built on a large lot that has been split in two.  Don’t let the name fool you; while a skinny home is, by definition, skinny, with proper design, you can create a stunning home with ample functional space for your family. Often, skinny homes are built in pairs on a single lot once occupied by a larger, and older single-family home.

The Single-Family Infill

Single-family infills replace a single home on a lot with a newly designed and constructed custom home.  The options for a single-family infill are endless, given how much room you have.  It is common to include a basement suite and a garden suite above the garage.  Single-family infills provide ample opportunity for secondary rental income sources.

The Community Benefits of Infill Housing

Infill housing is growing in popularity for various reasons.  The opportunity to have a new home in a mature neighbourhood is a very exciting prospect for many potential homeowners.  The ever-growing popularity of infill houses in mature neighbourhoods helps limit urban sprawl while increasing the housing supply as Canada’s population grows.  More housing options help everyone by allowing the housing market to stabilize a little and breathe life into the central cores of cities like Edmonton.

Building Options for Infill Homes

Building a custom infill lets you customize the home completely to your tastes, family size, and lifestyle. The custom process allows you to build what best suits you now while considering what may also work best for you down the road. The design team at Timber Haus will work closely with you to create the home of your dreams while incorporating your budget and personal style. When you look for Edmonton infill home builders, come to Timber Haus and let us assist you with our passion, expertise, and quality service.