7 Tips for Creating a Garden Suite Design that Guests and Renters Will Love

Building a garden suite can be exciting, but with so many design options, how do you decide what to do? Your garden suite project will depend on the square footage of your property. If you have a decent lot size with ample backyard space, consider a single detached garden suite. However, many homeowners choose to build a single detached garage suite as a multi-purpose option. This post offers tips to help get your new project moving in the right direction.


1. What Is the Purpose of Building the Suite?

When designing new garden suite plans, the first thing you want to consider is who will be living in the suite. Are you considering having your in-laws move in, or will you use it for long-term or vacation rentals?

With longer-term tenants, we recommend you design the space with long-term living in mind. While a studio-style apartment might be practical for a single person, a one-bedroom is more accommodating for a couple, for instance. A one-bedroom option may also prove more attractive to many renters.

2. Consider Privacy When Designing Your Suite

Whether you are housing the in-laws or have short-term guests, a suite with some privacy will appeal more to your guests. Consider details like the position of the windows: should you have them face the open space of a garden rather than into the main home? Touches like these will also provide more aesthetic appeal from the perspective of your guests. Smaller, highly placed windows are also a great option to allow more light into a specific area while maintaining privacy.

Discrete entrances are also a feature to think about so that your guests can come and go easily without being a distraction to those in the main home.


3. Extend the Space Outdoors

When designing a small space, it is essential to consider the light. Windows help expand the space outwards, so your guests don’t feel like they are living in a box. Windows let in lots of light and make the room much brighter. For even more of a natural feel, design the space with larger windows facing onto the garden. Looking at nature is pleasing to the eye and can inspire a deep sense of comfort.


4. Consider the Interior Aesthetics

Choose light-coloured paint for the walls as it reflects light well, making the room brighter in contrast to darker colours. Darker colours absorb light and make a room much darker and look smaller.

A high ceiling can significantly increase the sense of space in a garden suite. Coupled with large windows, it makes the room feel airier and improves the flow within a small space. Mirrors placed strategically can also give the effect of a much larger room.

5. Maximize the Use of Your Space

When you are designing a small space, consider the best use of that space. Built-in cabinetry and wardrobes can be designed to fit the space perfectly and streamline your suite’s look. Wall beds are a great way to maximize your space if you opt for a studio suite. These beds are built into the wall and fold down when needed. 

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6. Plan for Multi-Purpose Rooms

Consider the design of your kitchen and include a kitchen island with a multi-purpose function. For example, it can be used as a workspace during the day and serve as a dining table for guests when you entertain in the evening. This multi-use practice also rids you with needing a separate dining area to maximize the space in your living room.

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