Knotty Pines.

Featured Design: Knotty Pines

The Knotty Pines are a pair of show homes that we custom-designed with our biophilic design philosophy. Walking in the entrance, you get a commanding view of the main floor. The staircase features massive windows, bringing in ample warm natural light that fills the spaces. The open riser stairs allow more light to enter the home, adding additional warmth. 

The kitchen in the Knotty Pine displayed here is a host’s dream. The massive island and extension offer ample space to explore unique dishes. The kitchen’s ambiance is welcoming, inviting you to bring guests in and have them become part of the chef’s team. 

When designing a home with a narrower width, being creative with space is essential. The built-in desk opposite the kitchen is an excellent spot for the kids to complete homework while watching the parents cook dinner. 

pop of colour adds some flair to the powder room, adding character to the home and furthering its uniqueness. This home also has a signature community-friendly front porch, a detail we’ve mastered, and our clients love. 

naturally lit staircase
knotty pines exterior

Knotty Pines A Gallery

Knotty Pines B Gallery