Open House Tour.

DATE | April 29th
TIME | 12-4 pm
LOCATION | 4 Suites!

Garden Suite Open House Tour

Timber Haus Developments are hosting a Garden suite tour on April 29th from 12-4 pm, we are going to be featuring four of our designs and hosting people interested in garden suites. We will be onsite and available to answer questions about the design, construction, and cost of building one of Edmonton’s most exciting forms of housing.

RSVP to the above email to receive the address of the 4 amazing garden suites that will be featured on this tour!

Garden Suite 1

The definition of Biophilic Design is showcased in this 485 sq ft, naturally lit, open-concept garden suite. Complete with a walk-in closet, micro kitchen, spa-like ensuite, and built-in furniture. Come and see what is possible with a small space!

A unique feature of this suite is the Living Roof located off the second floor’s balcony. Yes, a living roof! This means plants on top of the roof. This is great for many reasons. It combats the “urban heat island effect,” controls rainwater runoff, and creates a microclimate that attracts a whole ecosystem of insects and mammals.

Garden Suite 2

At Timber Haus, we believe that designing a space to age in place is of utmost importance, as it allows people to live independently and safely in their own spaces and neighbourhoods for as long as possible. Building a garden suite will enable them to keep their neighbours and continue to age in the neighbourhood they helped create. 

By designing a garden suite that is accessible, easy to navigate, and equipped with features that address some of the challenges they face, they can maintain their independence and avoid the need for assisted living or nursing home care.  Having an expertly designed space that enhances the well-being and happiness of our customers; that’s naturally inspired living!

Garden Suite 3

Some Timber Haus garden suites are built as investment properties.  They can be an excellent way for people in Edmonton to build wealth and generate passive income. By building a garden suite to rent out, people can benefit from monthly cash flow while also building equity in the property over time. Edmonton, a growing city with a diverse economy, presents many investment opportunities. Investing in properties located in high-demand areas, such as near universities, downtown or transit hubs, can lead to higher rental income and property appreciation. 

Additionally, the tax benefits of owning investment properties, such as mortgage interest deductions and property tax write-offs, can provide significant financial advantages. Overall, garden suites in Edmonton can be a wise financial decision for those looking to diversify their portfolios and build long-term wealth.