Why Custom Home Costs Are Not as Daunting as You Think

Building a house from the ground up can seem daunting.

Maybe you are ready to shift from an apartment, condo, or townhouse to something that suits your growing family.  Or, you’re ready to downsize from a large home on a high-maintenance lot or you’ve been hearing about these 3-suite properties.  Either way, you are worried about custom home costs…

Custom home-building is an excellent option in Edmonton, and the costs aren’t as high in the long run as you might think…

If you hire the right custom home builder, your investment will go a long way.

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4 Reasons Building A Custom Home Is Worth It

It might seem like a significant investment initially, but building a custom home is an intelligent option.

Here are four great reasons to build your next home.

  1. You Choose the Design

House-hunting is often about compromise. Your real estate agent talks you through your wish list and tries to find a home that checks most of the boxes. Sometimes, you find the perfect home…other times, you purchase something “close enough” to what you were looking for.

What if you could create a space that checks all the boxes?

You and your builder can build a home designed for an expanding family, make plans for a rental or in-law suite, and include architectural details that suit your tastes.

  1. You Choose Where to Spend & Save Money

There are decisions to make if you’re building from the ground up. You can control your custom home costs by sharing your priorities with your builder.

We’re not talking about cutting corners. It’s simply about priorities…

  • You want a home theatre to watch movies or sports
  • You love to cook, so the kitchen is going to be the centre of your home
  • You want warm floors on cold nights and cool air in the summer

A good builder will take the time to ask about your priorities and suggest opportunities for saving money in other areas to help make your dreams a reality.

They will not let you compromise quality but will find savings in every aspect of your home. Your custom home builder knows how to guide you and will use their experience to ensure you get the most out of your investment, no matter how much money you put in.

  1. You Take Advantage of Innovation

Custom home construction has come a long way. 

It’s possible to build an energy-efficient home that’s both comfortable and economical. You can opt for…

  • Triple-pane windows
  • Heating and cooling options like in-floor heating
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Timers on lights and irrigation

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to shave down your power bills. A knowledgeable builder will be able to walk you through your options.

  1. You Get More Time to Enjoy Your Home

Many people we talk to like buying a fixer-upper and tinkering with the wiring and plumbing. They enjoy going room by room and pulling up old carpet or linoleum, upgrading the bathtub, and the appliances. It’s an evening and weekend hobby.

Others want to pursue hobbies outside their home. Their kids are in after-school activities, or they want to go camping and fishing on Fridays. They do not wish to have their head under the kitchen sink to determine why the dishwasher is flooding the floor.

When you build a custom home, you start fresh and get a complete, move-in ready home that will be under warranty if something goes wrong.

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Your Home, your Dream.

The soaring cost of lumber had many people wondering if building their own homes in Edmonton was realistic. The pandemic created a cascade of challenges – mill and border closures are the two most prominent examples.

While it’s true that costs have risen, interest rates have remained low, so it’s still an excellent time to get into the market.

You can choose your own design, set your priorities, take advantage of energy-saving options, and spend more time enjoying your home.

Contact us today. We build homes we would be proud to live in ourselves…let’s talk about your dream.

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