What Type of Legal Suite Should You Build?

Are you thinking about adding more living space to your property or generating rental income? Building a legal suite is a fantastic option. But what is a legal suite, and which type should you choose? Let’s explore the different types of legal suites and the important factors to consider. With the right information, you can make a confident and informed decision to create the perfect legal suite for your property.

What Is a Legal Suite?

A legal suite, also known as a secondary suite here in Alberta, is a fully self-contained living space typically built within a single-family home or on the property. The term “legal suite” indicates that these secondary suites adhere to local building codes and zoning bylaws, demonstrating their full recognition as residential units.

Explore Various Legal Suite Options

There are several types of legal suites to consider, each with unique features and advantages. We will walk you through these options, providing essential details to help you discover the perfect fit for your needs. Let’s explore the opportunities that legal suites can offer!

The Garden Suite

The garden suite, also referred to as a backyard suite or laneway house, is an independent, fully equipped living space situated in the backyard of a single-family home. These suites are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners in urban areas with limited space.

Advantages: Garden suites provide tenants with complete privacy, can significantly increase property value, and are perfect for multigenerational living.

Disadvantages: They require a sizable backyard area and might incur higher construction expenses than other suite options.

Nonetheless, the advantages are numerous, and the added value to your property is substantial.

Infill Homes

Infill homes bring new life to existing properties and underutilized plots of land within urban areas. These modern homes often replace older houses, utilize vacant land, or complement existing homes with the potential to subdivide the property. Infill homes offer the versatility of additional living space on the property and the possibility of incorporating legal suites into their design.

Advantages: Infill homes’ modern designs and energy-efficient features breathe new vitality into older neighbourhoods, providing a wonderful opportunity to live close to the conveniences of urban living.

Disadvantages: Infill homes typically require a higher initial investment and longer approval processes.

Building an infill home is a rewarding way to contribute to the restoration and enhancement of established communities.

Considerations: Space, Cost, and Bylaws

How Much Space Is Available?

Assessing your available space is the first step to considering your options. Garden suites require a good amount of backyard space, while garage suites require a detached garage. Infill homes can be built on an empty plot, a property with an older home ready for demolition, or a wide lot that can accommodate a second structure. Your property holds a lot of potential!

What Is the Cost?

Construction expenses can differ based on the suite type and local building costs. Garden suites may have higher expenses due to their standalone nature, while garage suites can be more cost-effective. Infill homes usually require a significant investment but offer the potential for higher returns. Despite the differences, there are various options to suit different needs and budget considerations.

What are the Local Zoning and Bylaws?

Understanding local zoning and bylaws is essential before beginning any construction project. It’s important to verify that your property is zoned for the type of suite you want to build and to comply with local regulations regarding size, height, and distance from property lines. By familiarizing yourself with these regulations, you can confidently move forward with your building plans, ensuring that everything aligns with the requirements. This knowledge will help you navigate the process smoothly and avoid unexpected roadblocks.

What Is Your ‘Why’?

Have you thought about the purpose behind your suite? It’s crucial to envision how it will best benefit you. Will it be a cozy living space for your family, a profitable rental unit, or an investment to boost your property’s value? Your vision will be vital in guiding your design and construction choices. By focusing on your ‘why,’ you’ll be able to create a space that perfectly aligns with your goals and aspirations.


What Are Your Future Plans?

What exciting plans do you have for the future? As you think about the long term, it’s important to imagine how having a suite could enhance the market value of your property if you decide to sell soon. On the other hand, if you plan to stay, it’s crucial to ensure the suite meets your needs and the preferences of potential tenants. Considering these aspects will empower you to carefully consider whether adding a suite to your property is the right choice. Evaluating these factors will help you make an informed decision about adding a suite to your property.

Explore the Exciting Possibilities of Legal Suites and Infill Homes in Edmonton!

Building a legal suite in Edmonton can be a fantastic investment, providing extra living space and the opportunity for rental income. With various options such as garden suites, garage suites, and infill homes, there’s a perfect fit for your property, budget, and aspirations. Contact the knowledgeable team at Timber Haus for a personalized consultation to discover the ideal suite for your unique requirements. Get ready to start this exciting journey of maximizing your property’s potential!