What to Expect When Pricing Out a Custom Home Build

Many variables go into custom home building costs in Edmonton, including location, size, quality, timeframe, design costs, and the project’s complexity. Building a custom home lets you ultimately control the home’s design and layout. There are many benefits to building a custom home, but several intricacies can make it a costly decision.

You can build your dream home without going over budget with the right team, strategy, and plan. Before you decide to take the plunge, knowing what goes into building a home and the costs is essential.

Read on to learn more about custom home building costs.

what to expect from a custom home
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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Home Building Costs

When it comes to building a custom home, most costs come in two categories:

  • Soft costs: permits, architectural drawings, fees, etc.
  • Hard costs: labour, materials, and construction costs

Each cost will vary depending on the home’s size, location, specifications involved with the build, and much more. Here are the different factors that you must take into consideration when building a custom home:

Your Custom Home Builder

The cost of the entire home build and the quality of the build itself rests on the shoulders of the home builder you choose. When hiring a custom home builder in Edmonton, looking at their experience, expertise, and communication skills is vital.

The team you hire should have open lines of communication with you, provide you with different quotes, and work closely with you as you build the home of your dreams.

Generally, the more experienced and qualified a home builder is, the more they will cost. Builders can take care of the entire building process– from gathering permits to laying out the design to constructing the home and everything in between.

Size and Location

The size of your custom home plays a significant role in the overall cost of the entire project. The larger the home, the more expensive the build will be. Another cost to consider beyond the house size is the location and land. They add a considerable cost depending on the size and location of the land.

Of course, these prices will vary depending on where you want to build your home. The cost of land in the city versus land outside the city differs.

When it comes to costs associated with the location you choose to build your home, you must also consider the site’s topography, which can impact the build. If you build your home in a remote area, you may have to pay transportation fees for bringing materials and equipment to the site.

Other variables that can increase costs due to a build’s location include:

  • Flood heights
  • Climate
  • Noise mitigation
  • Building restrictions
  • Zoning
  • Block shape check


Generally speaking, the more complex the build, the more costly the project. Complexities in a building can include features like an outdoor pool, custom lighting, or other added features. Higher-quality materials are more expensive – they also require better craftsmanship.

Other factors that can increase costs in a home build include:

  • Corners
  • Elevation
  • Height of ceilings
  • Quality of materials
  • Energy efficiency
  • Home technology
  • Ventilation
  • Cabinetry
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
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