What to Consider Before Building an Infill Home in Edmonton

So, you’ve searched high and low to find a new home you love, but nothing quite fits the bill. At this point, you might choose to give up the search, but why not consider the alternative of building a custom home? With an infill home, you purchase a property in a desirable area, demolish the existing home, and build a new one to fit your own unique needs. However, before you get started on your home-building journey, there are some important factors to consider when building your infill home.

How Much Does an Infill Home in Edmonton Cost?

Before you start making plans to build your infill home, it’s important to determine your budget and figure out the cost of a custom-designed home. The cost of a home will depend on the size, design, and finishings you make. The best way to figure out the cost of an infill home is to discuss your project with a custom home builder.

What Are the Zoning Regulations in Edmonton?

When building a custom home, your infill builder in Edmonton must adhere to strict zoning regulations and apply for permits before they build. These regulations are often tied to lot coverage, building height, and distance from the building to property lines. Such regulations will often determine the size of the home you can build. In addition, there may be some mature neighbourhoods in Edmonton where front driveways are not allowed, so you must factor this into your property choice, depending on your preference.


How About a Garden Suite?

If you like the idea of building a garden suite—in addition to your dream home—to provide ongoing rental income or house your in-laws or adult children, it’s important to research properties before you buy. Not all properties will be suitable for this, but a professional custom builder in Edmonton can provide all the necessary information you need to find a suitable lot to build an infill home.

How Does Your Building Design Impact the Neighbourhood?

When you’re designing a new building, it’s important to consider how it will fit in with the surrounding neighbourhood. You don’t want your new infill home to stick out like a sore thumb or clash with the aesthetic of the area. Take a look at the architectural style of the other homes in the neighbourhood and think about how you can incorporate similar elements into your design.

Extend Your Home Outdoors

A well-designed outdoor area can be a great place to entertain guests, relax with family, or just enjoy some fresh air. Consider incorporating features such as a patio, deck, or garden into your design to create a welcoming and functional outdoor space.

What Are the Benefits of Building an Infill Home on Your Existing Property?

If you love the area you live in but aren’t completely happy with your existing home, consider building an infill home on your current property. Staying in your existing neighbourhood is ideal when you have strong connections with your neighbours and when your workplace or your kids’ school is in close proximity to your home. This solution also removes the anxiety of moving homes, fitting into a new community, and establishing new connections.

Build Your Dream Home in Edmonton

Are you ready to check off all the boxes on your wish list and design your new custom home? If you’re looking to connect with an infill home builder in Edmonton, book a consultation with the experts at Timber Haus. We specialize in infill development and can discuss the building process to create your perfect custom home in a neighbourhood that’s right for you.