The Top 7 Benefits of Building a Custom Infill Home

When considering upgrading your home, do you spend hours searching the real estate listings for a new house that meets your needs? You may be dreaming of more space or a more modern style home. You can spend months looking for the perfect place and never be truly satisfied, or you can choose another option—how about building your dream home designed exactly the way you like in your neighbourhood of choice?

What Is a Custom Infill Home?

Infill homes are new builds on established properties, generally within a community, rather than a brand new development on the city’s outskirts. This could mean tearing down an older home to build a new one or transforming a property previously used for another purpose into a residential building. Infill homes include additional buildings constructed on an existing or subdivided property, including garden suites, laneway homes, and garage suites.

The Benefits of Custom Infill Design

Benefit #1: Live in Your Dream Home

The best thing about building a custom infill home is that you can design it exactly how you want. You can create a layout that works well for your family and accommodates your unique lifestyle. When you work with a custom design team, they’ll take your wishlist and design a home that’s perfect for you!

Benefit #2: Stay in Your Neighbourhood

If you’d like to upgrade your home but don’t want to say goodbye to the neighbours on your street, building a custom infill on your existing lot solves this problem. You’ll be able to continue living in the community you call home, and you’ll get to enjoy a beautiful new space that meets all of your needs and desires.

Benefit #3: Continue Living in the City

If you have a home in the city that’s becoming too small for your growing family, you may feel like moving to the distant suburbs is the only option. However, an infill home can be a great alternative. By building a home that maximizes the space on your lot, you can have a house in the city that still accommodates your needs.

Benefit #4: Create a Home for Multigenerational Living

Do you have aging parents you want to support but currently don’t have space to accommodate? Do you want to build a suite for your adult children? A custom home is an excellent option for creating a layout that perfectly accommodates multigenerational living. You might consider a basement or garden suite separate from the main house.

Benefit #5: Build a Home in a Mature Neighbourhood

If you build an infill home in a mature neighbourhood, you won’t have to worry about the essential utilities since they’ll likely be already in place. Moreover, a well-designed infill home can positively impact property values in the area.

Benefit #6: Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Many modern developments focus on energy efficiency, but you can benefit from even more energy savings when you build a custom home. You can collaborate with your builder to select the latest smart technology for your appliances, eco-friendly finishes, and features that can lower your utility bills and reduce your environmental footprint.

Benefit # 7: Have Control Over Your Budget

If you plan to relocate to a mature neighbourhood, consider exploring the up-and-coming areas where you would like to live and search for good real estate deals. Searching for a suitable plot of land to build an infill is more convenient than searching for a pre-owned house you’d like to live in since you are mainly concerned with the land itself.

Unlike pre-built homes, where the price is already fixed (and, in many cases, higher), custom building allows you to choose materials based on your current budget. You can control your features and finishes when you select them while building a home.

Design Your Home with the Best Infill Builders in Edmonton

If you’re considering infill development and would like to learn more about the build process for your new custom home, reach out to our talented Team at Timber Haus. As established Edmonton infill builders, we are well known for our elegant, award-winning homes and look forward to collaborating with you to design a custom home you’ll truly love.