The Top 5 Considerations for Your Custom Home Design

At Timber Haus, our home designers work with you to make your dream house a reality. We take the time to listen to your ideas and incorporate your family’s needs into each step of the design. We consider the features that will suit your lifestyle and ask the important questions that guide the design process so we can create the perfect home for you.


What are Your Short and Long-Term Needs?

While it is easy to express your short-term needs, it is also essential to consider the long-term needs of your home.

  • If you are planning to have more children, you should discuss the number of bedrooms you will need and incorporate that into the design of your home.
  • If you plan to live in your home through retirement, you might like to consider options for a bedroom on the main floor to facilitate ease of movement.
  • If you have aging parents who may need help in the future, an in-law suite may be the perfect solution to keep them close and give you peace of mind.

Which House Designs Match Your Personal Style?

We understand that you are unique, and we aim to build you a home that reflects your unique sense of style. This starts with understanding the type of architectural style that appeals to you. Do you like a modern-style home with clean lines and open spaces or a more traditional home? This is an important consideration at the foundation of designing your home.

What Is the Ideal Layout to Match Your Lifestyle?

The great thing about designing a custom home is that you don’t have to compromise. You can create a space that matches your unique lifestyle.

  • If you like entertaining, how about creating a large open-concept space that includes your living, dining and kitchen area to accommodate your guests comfortably?
  • If you have an active family in sports and outdoor activities, how about creating a large mudroom to store all the equipment? We can design a built-in storage closet and drawers to keep the clutter off the ground and your mudroom tidy.
  • If you’re a busy mom, how about designing a relaxing haven for yourself? Many parents like the privacy of a separate primary bedroom and ensuite on the main floor, away from the kid’s rooms upstairs.

Which Rooms Are Most Important to You?

When designing a home, most homeowners will identify rooms that mean the most to them. We recommend taking the time to identify the details that will make these rooms exceptionally comfortable for you. These details may include large windows, extra storage, soundproofing, or other details specific to the room’s purpose.


Kitchen and Bathrooms

Most homeowners like to invest more money in their kitchens and bathrooms. A well-designed kitchen is comfortable to work in and provides the ideal space for the family to gather. Beautifully designed, well-equipped kitchens and bathrooms also tend to add to the value of your home, so they are well worth investing in.


A Dedicated Workspace

If you work from home, you may benefit from a dedicated workspace away from the hustle and bustle of family life. If you regularly meet with clients, a home office with a separate entrance will allow you to avoid walking clients through the personal areas of your home.


How About Incorporating Personalised Storage Spaces into Your Home?

Have you considered custom shelves and cabinets to streamline the look of your home? There’s nothing worse than not having enough space to put your belongings. Timber Haus can create built-in storage to eliminate clutter and keep your space tidy. We can build everything from hidden rooms to built-in shelves, closets, and pantries.

Trust Timber Haus to Build Your Dream Home

Your house isn’t just the place where you live but a safe space where your family can find joy and comfort. At Timber Haus, we incorporate biophilic design, natural lighting, ventilation, and landscape features into our homes to create a calming and comfortable living space. Contact us to get started on designing your custom home to make your dreams a reality.