The 6 Fundamental Steps to Building a House with a Custom Home Builder

Building your custom home can be a thrilling experience. You can determine what spaces you need in your new home, which amenities you’d like to have, and how custom features can make your dream home uniquely yours. Meeting with a home builder and designer gives you the expert advice you need and additional information on design features you may not think of.

Creating your dream home can be easy with builders and designers experienced in custom home building. Here are six fundamental steps to include in your build process.

1. Consultation and Decisions

Your house is more than just a place you live but is an environment where you feel safest, happiest, and most comfortable. A leading builder will earn their client’s trust by advising them through the step-by-step process of building their dream home.

Our process begins with an initial consultation between our home design and building team and our potential client. We consider how you want to use your home, your planned location, your budget, and what architectural design fits your vision and needs. We will note what is most important to you, keeping in mind the project’s feasibility. Then, we will work on incorporating your ideas into our initial design. If you choose to work with us, we will also ensure that all the appropriate permits are obtained to execute your vision.


2. Initial Design

We favour biophilic design, incorporating natural lighting, ventilation, and landscape features into our houses to create a calming and comfortable environment for our clients. Natural designs are known to decrease stress and depression and increase productivity and physiological health. We replicate these natural designs, such as slightly asymmetrical patterns representing those in nature and unimpeded views into wild spaces and incorporate them alongside your ideas. Once we take away your vision, we turn it into design plans to suit your needs.


3. Finalized Design

When we’re ready to present the designs, we’ll meet with you to discuss any edits you wish to make, considering budget and feasibility. Then, once both parties are happy with the final design, we can move on to deciding on the materials and finishings.

4. Material and Finish Selection

The materials that a house is built with are as important as the design and layout. The finishings of a house, such as facing, plastering, woodworking, flooring, painting, and wallpaper, are all essential aspects that give a house its personality. Planning these intricate details of a house often requires the input of experienced designers to create an organized and aesthetically pleasing layout. Once you and our team of designers have discussed your interior design ideas, we will source materials suited to your vision, needs, and budget.


5. Building

Once the project’s design phase is complete, building permits are approved, and all materials are ordered, our construction crew will begin working on your dream home. We will keep you updated every step of the way as we believe that communication is an important part of maintaining the trust of our valued clients. You can even visit the building site.


6. Walkthrough, Warranty, and Move-in

Our primary philosophy is that our clients are like family, and we provide our families with only the highest quality service. Once our builders and designers have completed your home and we are signed off on all our building inspections, we will complete a walkthrough with you as we show you all the completed amenities and decor, allowing you to inspect our work. Then, once both parties are satisfied, you can move into your new home.

We also offer the Alberta New Home Buyers Warranty, which guarantees certain compensation levels for problems arising within a certain time frame following your construction completion date.

Trust Timber Haus to Design and Build Your Dream Home

Our team at Timber Haus understands how building your custom dream home can be daunting, so we are transparent with our clients on our design and construction process. You can browse our portfolio of completed projects for ideas, inspiration, and a peek at our design experience.

Contact our office for any questions on the warranty or overall building process or to book a consultation today!