How to Select the Perfect Lot for Your Custom Home

A lot of thought goes into designing a custom home; the first thing to be researched is the property. Would you like to build an infill home in an existing community, or are you looking to build your custom home on undeveloped land? From choosing the right neighbourhood to suit your lifestyle to understanding zoning restrictions that affect the type of home you build, consider the following factors when selecting your lot.

Find the Right Neighbourhood

Your home is much more than the four walls you live in. It’s about the community you interact with and the lifestyle you wish to lead. You’ll want to find an area with good schools and community centres nearby if you have kids. You may also need to consider the ease of your morning commute.

Consider Urban Living for a Lower Carbon Footprint

If you are environmentally conscious, having facilities such as schools, shopping facilities, and access to public transportation nearby also means you can leave the car at home. This way, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save on gas at the same time.

Are There any Zoning Restrictions?

Most neighbourhoods will have zoning restrictions that dictate the type of property you can build with regard to it’s height and square footage. A custom home builder in Edmonton can help you understand your city’s zoning restrictions and how they may affect the design of your custom home. You’ll also need to apply for permits from the City of Edmonton before you can build your dream home.

Access to Utilities

Access to utilities such as electricity, gas and plumbing will largely depend on where you build your home. One of the benefits of building an infill home is that the infrastructure is already in place, so it’s easy to access utilities. However, additional work is required to bring these utilities to your property when you’re building on an undeveloped piece of land. This takes time and can significantly add to the total cost of building your custom home. 

Is Privacy a Consideration?

If you like the idea of living in your own private refuge, look for properties in mature neighbourhoods with abundant trees. A well-treed yard is perfect for privacy, and you can boost your sense of well-being by enjoying the foliage that provides natural biophilic decorations for your lot.

Look for an Experienced Custom Home Builder

With so many factors to consider when building your dream home, it’s essential to connect with a custom home design company that is experienced and knows the neighbourhood you’re building in. Find out the areas where they have built properties and consult with them to see if you’re a good fit.

Build your Dream Home in Edmonton

If you’re getting started on your search for the perfect lot and would like to learn more about how a custom house builder in Edmonton can help you design your dream home, connect with us today. Our experienced team will ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish!