How to Know Which Home Builder to Trust When Building a Home?

Building a property from scratch is the best way to turn your dream home into a reality. However, you can only unlock the full benefits when partnering with the right home builder. After all, the house will be your most significant financial asset and the foundation for creating a healthier and happier lifestyle.

With the right home builder, you can ensure the project will be completed on time and within budget. More importantly, you can enter the process confident they will deliver the perfect home you’ve always wanted.

Whether looking for a custom home builder in Edmonton or another part of the country, the following insights will serve you well.

When to Avoid a Home Builder or Contractor

Before you can find the right home builder, you must ensure that you will not fall into the trap of selecting a rogue or unprofessional contractor. Canada’s housing starts are tracking above the previously forecast figures of 265,000 units, enabling many less qualified builders to thrive. If a company shows any of the following red flags, you should take your business elsewhere;

  • They cannot prove their guild memberships or accolades.
  • The builder will not provide a clear price breakdown in writing.
  • The company cannot deliver a guarantee on the property.
  • They want full upfront payment or offer a ‘tax-free’ cash project.
  • The home builder has no verified testimonials. 

When the building company cannot prove their quality and reliability while delivering the legal security you need ahead of the project, you should avoid them. Finally, if your gut instinct tells you to look elsewhere, listen to this hunch.

Otherwise, you will be left feeling nervous about the project from conception to completion and beyond. Worse, your dream could become a nightmare if you make the wrong choice.

Top Tips to Find a Home Builder in Edmonton

Knowing what to avoid in a home builder is one thing, but it is equally essential to enter the process with a clear vision of what you want from your chosen contractor. Building a property from scratch is a dream shared by millions. Here’s how you can find a quality professional to manage your project in 10 quick steps.

#2. Look for local builders

There are many reasons to choose a local home builder, including that they will arrive at the site on time each day. Most importantly, they will boast the necessary knowledge of Edmonton’s planning permission regulations. Their past dealing with the local authorities will also promote a far smoother project where you can avoid delays and unexpected costs.

#3. Get a detailed estimate

A project proposal cannot be deemed suitable if the financial aspects don’t add up. A detailed estimate should include all the details of what is included in the contract, make for budget allowances, and waste removals. A written quote with a full breakdown is the only way to judge a home builder’s pricing.

#4. Ask to see past projects

Any builder can tell you about their great work, but seeing is believing. A detailed portfolio that includes builds that are similar to your plans will confirm their quality and could inspire. Virtual walkthroughs are another fantastic tool that will give you added confidence about the company’s commitment to quality structures and interiors. A solid track record is crucial.

#5. Seek their suggestions

It’s great that you have a vision of what your home might look like. However, a great home builder can advise on the materials you may wish to consider, from the timber frames to door and window choices. Their insight could boost insulation and ventilation. Home builders that maintain clear communication with architects will also ensure that the property is perfect.

#6. Check their credentials

As stated, lesser qualified home builders could exaggerate their credentials. Therefore, asking to see proof of their Canadian Home Builders Association membership or business insurance can be crucial to confirm that a contractor is right for your project. You may not need to do this at the initial interaction but should seek this information from any shortlisted companies.

#7. Look for boards in the local area

If a home builder has been trusted to complete other home-build projects in the local area, this is a significant vote of confidence. Therefore, it is always wise to drive through Edmonton to note which companies have regular work. Projects that are nearing completion or have recently been completed will allow you to see the quality of work on offer.

#8. Contact them several times

Choosing a home builder is a massive decision. You will naturally need to make contact at several stages, including consultation, quotation, and other moments along the journey. This is your perfect opportunity to check that the building company will be ready to provide quick and transparent responses. How can you trust them during the work if they fail to do this before the project starts?

#9. Look at their history

An inexperienced home builder could potentially make mistakes along the way. Even when they are prepared to correct them, it does add time to the project. Conversely, a home builder that has been in the industry for many years will ensure that every aspect is completed to the highest standard. Success is assured, from choosing suitable materials to assembling the proper labour force.

#10. Consider their marketing efforts

Ultimately, you are looking for a home builder to build your home rather than market your business. Nevertheless, a company with good local online visibility and strong ad campaigns in the Edmonton area is another positive indication that the contractor can be trusted to do a fine job. You can hire them confidently when supported by the other key factors above.

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