How to Find the Best Luxury Home Developers to Bring Your Vision to Life

You’ve been thinking of building your luxury home for a while now, but you’re unsure how to start. You have a specific vision that you love. Now you want to work with a developer that understands your ideas and helps you turn them into your dream home. But putting those ideas in the hands of a custom home builder takes a bit of trust. Finding a reliable luxury home builder to work with would be best. Here are Timber Haus’ top tips for finding the best luxury home developers to make your dream into reality.

Look for Experience

Building a custom home can be scary. You have a vision for your home and want it to turn out how you imagined it. Start by finding a company whose designs you like. You can browse their portfolio and look at examples of their work. Trustworthy luxury home builders will be happy to show you all the successful projects they’ve already created. You can view our past projects at Timber Haus, such as the Farm Haus, Acreage Haus, Strom Haus, Bird of Prey, Knotty Pines, and more.


Read the Testimonials

What do the developer’s clients have to say? Are they highly recommended? Reviews and testimonials are very telling about the company’s reputation and performance. Customers will be honest about their experiences, and companies that know they’re doing a good job will encourage feedback and link their testimonials for prospective clients to see.


Chat with the Builder

A straightforward conversation with a developer can tell you a lot about them. In most cases, you’ll know immediately if you get along personally. We recommend asking detailed questions about the building experience. Other questions include how they’ve handled challenges, what to expect from the design and build process, and how they recommend getting started.



Knowing your builder’s communication style can help the process of your project. To achieve your vision, we recommend working with a builder with strong attention to detail and who communicates with you frequently. With transparent communication, everyone stays on the same page. A great build and design team knows how to create a client-oriented process and will often present ideas and progress to you to receive your feedback and keep moving forwards.

Experienced builders know that a custom home build is a collaborative process and will make your voice heard while providing professional advice. They will be honest with you about the project status and treat you as a team member. What you don’t want is a builder that takes your initial consultation and runs away with it, and doesn’t stop to check in during the design and building process.



During the first meeting, it’s also essential to ask those critical questions about affordability. If the builder cannot achieve your vision within your budget, you might need to look for another company. However, you might also consider compromising or reassessing your must-have list significantly if you’ve fallen in love with the builder’s style. Think carefully and avoid impulse decisions. Your gut is smart and will often tell you if something is right or wrong from a simple sit-down.

Luxury Home Builders in Edmonton

Timber Haus is here to assist you in building the luxury home of your dreams. We understand the emotion and vulnerability that goes into such a project, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to help achieve a result you’ll love.

You’ll get to collaborate directly with our design team and be deeply involved in the design process. As we build your house, you can do regular walk-throughs of the construction site. Are you ready to get started creating your luxury dream home? Contact Timber Haus today.