How to Find the Best Custom House Builder for You in Edmonton

Are you in the market to build a new home in Edmonton but are struggling to choose the right custom house builder?

At Timber Haus, we help clients build their dream homes. Below, we discuss what to look for in a custom house builder and some other things you should consider when hiring a builder.

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How to Find the Best Custom House Builder for You

Do Your Research

When you finally decide to build your own custom home, the first step to take before hiring a builder is to do the research.

Find a list of home builders that match your ideal criteria. Check Google reviews, local listings, and ask friends for their recommendations.

Once you do your initial search, make a list of potential builders within your price range. Make some phone calls and ask around – talk to friends, speak to previous homeowners they worked with, and even have a chat with local real estate agents.

Check Their Past Work

When you narrow down your list of potential builders, ask them to see examples of past work and previous builds. You should check the quality of the construction, trim work, cabinetry, and everything in between. 

Ask for a list of references from clients they previously worked with. Ask the homeowners questions about the build, including how easy the builders were to work with, the quality of their work, their communication style, and if they completed their tasks on time.

It is always best to hire a custom home builder with many years of experience. Hiring builders who lack experience can end up resulting in costly expenses down the road. The more experience a builder has, the more likely you are to receive high-quality work. 

Look for businesses that have been open for a long time and have a lot of quality work to show for it.


What kind of service does your builder offer after the build? Do they have the proper certifications? Do they have insurance? These are all essential things you should ask before you hire your custom house builder. Most home builders provide a limited number of service calls and warranty after the build to address any problems or issues.


Pricing is one of the most critical parts of a custom home build and can be the deciding factor when choosing your builder. Higher prices don’t guarantee the highest quality of work. In contrast, typically, the lower the price, the lower the quality. 

When you get to the pricing stage, consider all of the above things when making your decision. 

Your home’s size, materials, extra features, and more are all considered when putting together a quote. Remember: a good custom house builder will give you an accurate quote that will not change due to unexpected expenses or costs throughout the build.

Timber Haus is a custom house builder you can trust.

Our team of award-winning Edmonton home designers is here to help you build your dream home. We provide our clients with a trusted and reliable level of service. As a result, we can design an energy-efficient home that fits your needs and lifestyle while enhancing your overall life and wellbeing.

We will work with you every step of the way to build the home of your dreams. Contact us today. We build homes we would be proud to live in ourselves. So let’s talk about your dream.

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