How to Choose A Feature Wall Location in Your New Home Build

The first step to creating the perfect feature wall in your new home is choosing the right location. Feature walls are a great way to bring out a room’s personality. They allow homeowners to make a statement and experiment with home decor without breaking their budget.

But how do you go about choosing where to place your feature wall?

Choosing your feature wall location early in the home build process is essential for the design. You should select the feature wall’s location early on so that your custom home builder and designers are well aware of how to design the layout and architecture of a home or room.

brick feature wall
feature wall

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Location for a Feature Wall in Your Home

Feature walls are a great way to experiment with different patterns, textures, and colours. They can make a room come alive and are generally very budget-friendly.

Poor pattern or location for an accent wall can make a room seem crowded, smaller, or just out of proportion. Remember: there should be a reason you want to draw attention to a specific wall in a room.

Here are some things to consider when deciding where to place your feature wall in your home.

Find the Focal Point

A feature wall is where guests and visitors focus most of their attention. What space in your home do you want people to remember?

Use your feature wall to highlight a room’s focal point. Once you choose the room where you want your feature wall, think about where in the room you want the focus to be.

For example, if you want to put your feature wall in your living room, you must choose where you want the focus to be—such as behind the mantle or where the television sits.


It’s essential to plan out your feature wall’s location early in the home design process to avoid any lighting issues. Lighting can obscure, darken, or even wholly drown out a feature wall if you position it poorly.

Consider the furniture you will place in the room and the overall decor. Will the furniture, architecture, pattern, colour, or lighting complement the feature wall? You will have to consider these things early in the home design process. Our interior designers can help you with this!

Sizing Matters

Feature walls can make a small room look even smaller. Keep the size in mind when deciding the room you want your feature wall in.

The same goes for spacing. An overcrowded room with a lot of furniture is not a good place to put a feature wall. Ite the room seem even more crowded, smaller, and chaotic.

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