Biophilic Design Blog Series Part 2: How Timber Haus Incorporates Biophilic Principles Into Custom Home Design

"My home is a refuge, not only from the world but a refuge from my worries, my troubles, my concerns…."
- Maya Angelou

Your biophilic-inspired custom home designed by Timber Haus is an innovatively designed place that incorporates natural elements where possible while maintaining the functionality of your home. You can enhance your home by systematically applying the fundamental principles of biophilic design to each space.

The easiest way to start with making your home more natural is to incorporate;

You can incorporate biophilic principles into your home at any time, not just during construction. The best way to make your home more natural is to consult an expert.

natural sunlight
natural views
organic components

Why you should choose a home designer utilizing naturally inspired living

Naturally inspired living will increase your home’s peace, comfort, and therapeutic capabilities. Timber Haus has built a stellar reputation by using biophilic principles.

People tend to recover and relax at home. Many of our most precious memories are in our homes. One of the best investments you can make is in yourself and your family. By building a home with biophilic properties, people can give themselves space to enjoy, recover and make memories that last a lifetime.

The best time to incorporate biophilic design principles into your home is during the design phase. During the design phase, a homeowner can apply some of the more essential principles of biophilic design. Considering building a new home in Edmonton? ConsultTimber Haus first.

Your dream build starts with the selection of your location. An established location with embedded natural elements, such as an infill into an established neighbourhood, sets the stage for your home. 

After selecting your location, an expert designer will design your home with the existing natural elements in mind. This design process is critical to building a biophilic home and realizing its benefits. Your home should be integrated with the natural environment, not stand apart. Features such as old-growth trees, views into space, running water, sounds of nature, and green spaces are all factors to be considered.

The difference between a home designer using naturally inspired living concepts and a standard designer is psychology. People are just happier surrounded by natural elements. Humans have it hardwired into our DNA.

Consult a professional biophilic designer for a consultation.


Timber Haus Developments has built a stellar reputation of innovative designs founded on biophilic design principles. Naturally inspired living homes evoke emotion through intuitive design that incorporates natural elements in every space.

By choosing Timber Haus, you choose a home builder with the experience, quality, and design that will bring your new home to the next level. Biophilic Design or naturally inspired living will give your home peace and health benefits that will last a lifetime.