How Much Does It Cost to Build a Garden Suite in Edmonton? Learn more!

Adding a garden suite to your property is the ultimate upgrade for making your home feel bigger, better, and full of new possibilities. Without disrupting the main building, it can become your home office, a private space for your teenage children, a place for renters, or an Airbnb.

Before jumping into the design and development phases, you must ask yourself how much it will cost. While there are several variables to consider, working with a top team like Timber Haus will ensure exceptional value for your money.

Still, it would help if you researched the costs of building a garden suite. This quick guide will provide the answers.

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How Extensive Can the Garden Suite Be?

As with any construction project, size matters. In Edmonton, it is essential to appreciate the Inclusive Design Standards that set out the minimum requirements for a dwelling or sleeping unit. However, it is equally crucial to consider the maximum dimensions that can get used.

Garden suites should be above a garage and have a maximum space of 1,399 sq ft with height restrictions. The maximum second-story dimensions are 538 sq ft in mature neighbourhoods, which increases to 645 sq ft with inclusive design. If you do not have a laneway, don’t worry, our contractors will discuss all essential features to ensure your plans comply with the regulatory standards.

Most homeowners in Edmonton will be permitted to build one if they respect the guidelines.

So, How Much Does A Garden Suite Cost?

Garden suites get built using the same high standards as the primary building. They must be capable of serving the function of a sleeping unit, even if you do not intend to use them for this purpose.

However, with many choices over design, our experts can provide garden suites starting at around $225,000. Compared to the price of a one-bed apartment with a garage and a private garden, it makes financial sense in addition to the practical rewards.

How much can a garden suite earn my family?

Suppose you are building the garden suite to take on tenants. In that case, the monthly fees can vary depending on several features. The neighbourhood, the choice between single-story and two-story, the interior design standards, and the demand at any given time will influence your charges. However, most landlords will find that they can charge a little over $1,000 per month.

When added to the fact that the garden suite will add significant value to the property or lot itself, the long-term financial opportunities are incredible. Better still, you will maintain the option to use your suite for business or support your home life if taking on a tenant isn’t your goal.

Other costs to consider

The approximate starting cost of $225,000 will cover your project, especially when working with a reputable custom builder like Timber Haus that focuses on sustainable constructions and transparent client interactions. After all, working on your existing land means minimal work to do in preparation. You are no longer legally required to provide parking spaces, either.

However, it may be necessary to find a way to connect the garage suite to the utilities, mainly if located at the front of the street rather than the lane. Builders can find solutions, but it may add a few thousand dollars to the overall costs. Still, this should be comfortably under 10% of the project costs.

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