How Infill Development in Edmonton Promotes a Sustainable Lifestyle

As global climate concerns continue to grow, it’s crucial for individuals and communities to contribute to sustainable practices. Embracing a sustainable lifestyle entails reducing our carbon footprints, and our housing choices are significant in making eco-friendly decisions.

In rapidly growing cities like Edmonton, where the demand for urban development is rising, infill homes offer a sustainable solution to address housing needs. Let’s explore the concept of infill homes, their benefits, and how you can start your project today.

What Is an Infill Home?

Infill homes, also known as infill housing or development, entail the construction of new standalone homes on underutilized land within existing urban areas. These homes are typically built on existing properties in infill-approved neighbourhoods, filling gaps between existing buildings. By utilizing already available but underutilized land, infill homes ensure more efficient use of urban space, eliminating the need to prepare new land and utilities.

While they may share some similarities with carriage houses, infill homes are larger, standalone structures constructed on the same lot, often with the potential for future subdivision (subject to zoning regulations). They are designed as fully independent living spaces, featuring separate entrances and utilities. In contrast, carriage houses are typically smaller in scale and are usually situated on the same property as the primary residence, sharing some utilities with the main house.

The Many Benefits of an Infill Home in Edmonton

Infill homes offer numerous benefits for those seeking sustainable and affordable lifestyles and contribute to Edmonton’s efforts in sustainable urban development.

Reduces Urban Sprawl

Maximizing land use within existing urban areas contributes to reducing urban sprawl, which involves the expansion of cities into undeveloped areas. This approach minimizes the necessity for new infrastructure and amenities associated with urban development, such as roads, plumbing, and utilities. Reduced development not only conserves resources but also promotes nature conservation.

Each infill home constructed represents a new housing opportunity for families within city limits, enriching the diversity of available housing types and fostering neighbourhood diversity. By curbing the city’s overall growth, infill development helps mitigate the inevitable increase in commute times associated with urban expansion. This reduction in commute times alleviates transportation emissions from vehicles and provides residents with convenient access to public transit, cycling, and walking routes.

Preserves Nature

Reducing urban development on new land is crucial in preserving entire ecosystems, such as grasslands and wetlands. By avoiding converting undeveloped land for housing, we allow animal and plant life to thrive within their natural habitats, thereby championing biodiversity.

Utilize Existing Infrastructure

By capitalizing on existing infrastructure, infill homes reduce the necessity for costly utility expansions, including water, plumbing, electricity, and transportation. Additionally, this positioning places your new home closer to existing transit options.

Sustainable Infill Builders in Edmonton

Infill homes offer numerous benefits, promoting a sustainable lifestyle while enhancing neighbourhood diversity and reducing development costs. Infill homes serve as a remarkable urban development solution by preserving flora and fauna and maximizing land usage. As environmental awareness grows, infill homes emerge as a key driver of urban sustainability.

If you’re seeking to boost your income, add extra residences to your property, and combat urban sprawl, infill housing could be the perfect solution. Opting for a sustainable infill builder entails selecting a developer dedicated to eco-friendly design. This involves sourcing environmentally conscious materials and possessing expertise in integrating energy-saving home features.

Timber Haus is your comprehensive partner, assisting you every step of the way, from navigating zoning bylaws to crafting design concepts and managing construction. With over 40 years of combined experience, our team is dedicated to bringing your infill house to life. Rest assured that by choosing Timber Haus, you’re contributing to Edmonton’s sustainable growth. Book a consultation with us today to begin your journey.