Garage Suites in Edmonton

Garage suites are a fantastic and cost-effective choice for anyone searching for rental income, a suite for elderly parents or in-laws, a retirement nest, a home office, or a quiet retreat.

Garage suites are completely functional homes. They are positioned above or attached to a garage and are sometimes considered garden suites. The maximum size for a garage suite in Edmonton is 1,399 square feet. They can have one or two levels. They also aid in developing more reasonably priced housing within our city. Modern families will discover that garage suites are a more reasonable housing choice for their aged parents or a place to live while rebuilding or building their primary home on the same land.

Secondary suites are a great option for supplemental income. Income generated from a garage suite tenant can be directly applied to the mortgage of the principal residence, making your home more affordable in the long run. Having a secondary income property in your yard also increases the appeal of your home to potential future buyers should you choose to sell one day. Prospective renters are more likely to be interested in garage suites versus a basement because of the increased levels of privacy, natural sunlight, and improved air quality.

Before building a garage suite, three questions should get asked:

  • How much cash could you make by renting out the space?
  • Is it possible to create a garage apartment on your lot?
  • Who are you going to develop it for?

Advantages of a garage suite in Edmonton

Rental Income:

  • Extra discretion and seclusion
  • Reduces the amount of urban sprawl.
  • Housing for those on a budget
  • Multigenerational living

What is the cost of a garage suite?

The cost of a garage suite development will vary in the same way as building a custom home. Key variables include the size of the unit, finishing options, number of rooms, and utility installation.


Is my lot zoned for a garage suite?

Most information regarding construction zoning can be obtained from the city of Edmonton. If you have trouble sourcing this information, a builder such as Timber Haus can assist you. Before beginning any secondary suite construction, you must be 100% certain that you are properly zoned, and they have you have obtained all required permits.


Is a garden suite a legal suite?

Yes! In Edmonton, garage suites are considered legal suites, meaning landlords can collect rent, protect their tenants, and make more money simultaneously.


Do garage apartments have a positive impact on the community?

The elimination of unused land caused by garage apartments is one way garage suites benefit the environment. This occurs when a city expands too rapidly in all directions rather than developing into a highly populated urban core. It’s better for the environment if more people live in already-established neighbourhoods because that reduces urban sprawl.

Edmonton’s Garage Suite Experts

We take great satisfaction in treating each customer as if they were a member of our own family, which allows us to design and construct garage suites we would be proud to live in ourselves.

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