Everything You Need to Know Before Building a Garden Suite in Edmonton

As cities such as Edmonton grow, more and more people begin to explore garden suites as a great way to add to their existing homes and as a great source of extra income. You may know garden suites by another name, such as a backyard cottage, a laneway home, a backyard suite, an accessory dwelling, a secondary suite, a garage suite, or even a granny suite.

If you have enough space for one, it’s an excellent idea, and Timber Haus is here to help you get started. Here’s what you need to know about garden suites in Edmonton before building one.

modern bed side shelf with plants
Modern walk in shower with plants

Determine How Your Garden Suite Will Be Used

How do you want to use your garden suite? Do you want to generate extra income by renting it out as a living space? Or do you want it to be a more casual rental space like an Airbnb? Perhaps you simply want to use it to accommodate visiting family and friends. It could be a home gym, a studio, or an office/business space. Whatever you choose, you should get clear on what you want before getting started with the development process so that we can help you customize your garden suite into the exact space you need it to be.

Know The City of Edmonton Rules and Regulations

Before building anything on your property, you need to know and follow the city rules and bylaws. Such rules can determine the size of the suite, the location of doorways relative to the yard or driveway, the landscaping limitations, and any required accessibility features. When you work with Timber Haus, we will help you with permits and following bylaws, but we highly recommend becoming familiar with city policies.

How to Find an Experienced Builder

Designing and building a garden suite isn’t something we recommend doing yourself, no matter how much experience you have with DIY projects. It’s certainly doable, but having an experienced builder on your side makes all the difference. The process will be smoother, and you can trust that your suite will be built to code, made of quality materials, and match your budget and timeline. Timber Haus is an award-winning home designer that treats you like family. We have the experience and knowledge to build you the garden suite of your dreams.

What to Consider During the Design Phase

The design process is an essential (and fun) part of building a garden suite, and when you work with Timber Haus, our experts will walk you through the design process to help you achieve your vision. We know the design process can be complex, but let us worry about that. Our experts know which questions to ask to get the information we need from you and will take your words into careful consideration when designing your garden suite.

If you’re considering building a garden suite, you might want to get started thinking about what architectural styles you prefer. How do you want to use the suite? What features do you want to include? What size is your budget? Once you know the answers to these questions, you’ll be ready to jump into the design process with our design team.

Edmonton Garden Suite Designers

Choose Timber Haus to help you design and build your custom Edmonton garden suite. With our passion, expertise, and service, clients are praising Timber Haus Edmonton’s home design. We take a complicated process and make it easy, taking care of as many stressful components as possible. With our passion for home design and your vision, we can create the garden suite of your dreams.

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about garden suites in Edmonton, and we’d love to help you get started building your garden suite when you book a consultation with us today!