Discover the Best Neighbourhoods to Build a Custom Home in Edmonton: Your Ideal Locations Revealed

When considering the construction of a custom home, the neighbourhood you select in Edmonton holds as much importance as the design of the house itself. Home builders frequently inquire, ‘Which neighbourhoods in Edmonton offer the optimal blend of lifestyle fulfilment and investment value for building a custom home?’ This article explores a variety of neighbourhoods in Edmonton known for their distinct character, strong community bonds, and promising potential—ideal areas for building a home aligned with your aspirations. Explore a variety of neighbourhoods suited to different lifestyles, from lively urban hubs to serene suburban areas.

Key Takeaways

  • Edmonton presents an attractive market for custom home construction. It offers affordability, luxury, and diverse neighbourhoods catering to different lifestyles and family needs.
  • Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods seamlessly blend historic charm with modern amenities, making them highly sought-after for custom home building with a balance of traditional character and contemporary design.
  • Neighbourhoods like Laurier Heights, Parkallen, and others offer distinctive features such as seamless integration with nature, vibrant community spirit, convenient access to modern amenities, and various custom home designs. These factors contribute to their residential appeal and strong investment potential.

Crafting Your Dream Home in Edmonton's Top Neighbourhoods

Entering the Edmonton market to construct a custom home promises a blend of affordability and luxury. As Canada’s most affordable major city market for single-family homes, Edmonton is a compelling choice for potential homeowners. Edmonton’s neighbourhoods, functioning as all-in-one communities, facilitate your investment’s growth alongside the community’s future prosperity.

Edmonton’s premier neighbourhoods, identified through various rankings and articles, demonstrate a prevailing trend toward the southern sectors of the city. Renowned for their secure and family-friendly atmosphere, these areas offer convenient proximity to the downtown core while accommodating a range of lifestyle preferences. Whether one seeks a bustling urban experience or a serene suburban escape, Edmonton has neighbourhoods that will make your dream home a reality. Some of the top neighbourhoods in Edmonton include:

  • Laurier Heights
  • Parkallen
  • Ritchie
  • Crestwood
  • Parkview
  • Glenora
  • Old Strathcona
  • Inglewood
  • Bonnie Doon
  • Strathern
  • Rio Terrace
  • Westmount
  • Hazeldean
  • King Edward
  • Forest Heights
  • Holyrood

These neighbourhoods provide a range of amenities, from parks and schools to shopping centres and recreational facilities and are worth considering when searching for your next home in Edmonton.

The Charm of Mature Neighbourhoods for Custom Homes

Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods offer a compelling blend of historic charm and contemporary living. These communities are rich in character, with mature trees and well-established infrastructure. Yet, they also present fertile ground for modern innovation with custom homes. Within these neighbourhoods, one can find a harmonious balance between the convenience of a central location and the luxury of a newly built home tailored to individual style and requirements.

Southeast Edmonton has a charming appeal, especially in neighbourhoods like Strathearn, Holyrood, and Bonnie Doon, where traditional charm meets luxurious vintage homes. Nearby, Garneau echoes tales of its rich history while Oliver showcases a vibrant blend of historical significance and contemporary conveniences. These sought-after mature neighbourhoods offer modern amenities, seamless access to the city centre, and a welcoming community spirit. They are an ideal backdrop for new families to plant their roots in a city with historical richness and diverse lifestyle opportunities.

Laurier Heights

Nestled within Edmonton’s esteemed river valley neighbourhoods, Laurier Heights offers a picturesque backdrop ideal for families seeking to build a custom home. Renowned for its homes rejuvenated through modern renovations, Laurier Heights showcases many high-end finishes, echoing the essence of contemporary living.

Laurier Heights offers:

  • Beautiful homes that please the eye.
  • A lifestyle harmonized with nature.
  • Distinctive road layouts designed to complement the river valley landscape.
  • Access to Edmonton’s extensive river valley trail system.
  • An idyllic setting for those with dreams of constructing their custom dream home.
  • Less than 5 minutes from Whitemud access.
  • Access to one of Edmonton’s largest off-leash dog parks.

Furthermore, the neighbourhood’s dedication to conserving parkland and limiting commercial development guarantees its residential charm and natural beauty will endure for generations.


Located to the East of the University of Alberta farms, Parkallen exemplifies community-focused living, blending convenience and innovation to appeal to potential custom home residents. The neighbourhood is home to versatile living spaces that illustrate efficient space utilization.

Beyond the walls of individual homes, Parkallen’s exterior designs blend modern and traditional elements, featuring contemporary interpretations of gable roof structures and vibrant splashes of colour that add personality to the neighbourhood. This dedication to modernity extends to sustainability, with homes equipped for solar power and electric vehicle charging, ensuring that Parkallen remains at the forefront of eco-friendly and future-ready living.

Parkallen Offers:

  • Close proximity to the University of Alberta.
  • LRT Access.
  • Short distance from Southgate Centre.


Brimming with community spirit and local charm, Ritchie flourishes as a hub for custom home builders. The community league’s active engagement in hosting events, such as concerts and annual chili cook-offs, cultivates a lively social atmosphere. Yet, it’s not solely about the events; various establishments and local businesses enhance Ritchie’s unique character, creating a sense of belonging and a welcoming environment for new homeowners.

Ritchie Offers:

  • Close access to historical Old Strathcona.
  • Access to the stunning Millcreek Ravine.
  • Walking distance from Whyte Avenue.
  • Ritchie Market featuring incredible local businesses.


The appeal of Crestwood for custom home builders lies in its lush green spaces and proximity to the North Saskatchewan River Valley, providing a picturesque setting. However, this neighbourhood offers more than just natural beauty; it also hosts cherished community traditions like Candy Cane Lane, reflecting Crestwood’s strong community ties and upscale living. Renowned for its high-end custom homes, Crestwood stands as a symbol of luxury living and a destination for those searching for a prestigious address for their custom-built masterpiece.

Crestwood Features:

  • Direct access to Edmonton’s River Valley biking trails.
  • Stunning trees line all streets.
  • Access to several schools.
  • Close proximity to a future LRT station.
  • 2 mins from the stunning West Block Glenora shopping complex.


Parkview, with its expansive residential lots and an abundance of single-family dwellings, provides custom home builders with a stable and serene atmosphere. With a history of residential construction dating back to the 1960s, the neighbourhood offers mature lots ripe for custom home projects. Its serene atmosphere is characterized by:

  • Towering trees
  • Well-kept roads
  • Strong sense of community
  • East Parkview borders the North Saskatchewan River.

Situated within walking distance of downtown, Parkview’s peaceful setting makes it an attractive location for those seeking to build their dream home. Community events and easy access to green spaces further enhance its appeal. Additional neighbourhood features include a commitment to preserving its residential character and convenient access to outdoor spaces.

Parkview is an ideal area for those aiming to construct a custom home that seamlessly integrates with the community spirit and the surrounding natural beauty.


As an exclusive and amenity-rich neighbourhood in the Edmonton area, Glenora invites custom home builders to take advantage of its abundant opportunities. Projects of Infill Home Builders underscore the neighbourhood’s aspiration to seamlessly blend modern living with the preservation of its historic charm.

Custom estate homes in Glenora are meticulously designed with luxury at the forefront, incorporating personalized touches tailored to the homeowners’ preferences. Whether a cozy space within a premium duplex or a multifamily housing endeavour, the home builders’ unwavering dedication to quality ensures that each construction project reflects Glenora’s exclusive lifestyle. 

Glenora features:

  • Some of Edmonton’s most recognizable historic homes.
  • Several amazing school options.
  • Future LRT access.
  • Short drive to downtown Edmonton and historic 124th
  • Nearby access to Edmonton’s River Valley.
  • Full of mature trees.

Old Strathcona

Old Strathcona is a neighbourhood that captures the essence of Edmonton’s vibrant culture. It features:

  • Tree-lined streets that speak to its historical significance
  • A variety of urban amenities that underscore its appeal as a residential area
  • An area adaptable to various architectural styles and lifestyle preferences

Culture breathes life into Old Strathcona, with the neighbourhood hosting various festivals, including the renowned Fringe Festival, enriching its year-round vibrancy. The community’s warm atmosphere is complemented by an array of independent shops, restaurants, and cafes lining Whyte Avenue, creating a lively and dynamic environment that is both welcoming and exciting for new residents.

Strathcona features:

  • Access to endless locally owned shops & restaurants.
  • Year-round indoor farmers market.
  • Access to Whyte Avenue and short drive to downtown Edmonton.


Located in Northwest Edmonton, the Inglewood neighbourhood in Edmonton is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and convenient accessibility. Inglewood offers a range of amenities tailored to residents of all ages. With tree-lined streets and well-maintained parks, it provides a picturesque backdrop for outdoor activities. The neighbourhood offers many housing options, including single-family homes and condominiums, catering to diverse lifestyles. Inglewood provides a balanced blend of residential comfort and urban convenience, making it a sought-after destination for homeowners in Edmonton.

Bonnie Doon

Blending traditional charm with modern living, the south-central Bonnie Doon neighbourhood features custom single-family homes designed for homeowner comfort. The popular community offers residents a tranquil environment and swift access to the downtown area. 

Residents of Bonnie Doon enjoy modern amenities that align with today’s technological advancements, enhancing a luxurious and functional living experience. These homes offer ample room for families to grow and thrive, featuring substantial living spaces, including finished basements and two-car garages.

Bonnie Doon features:

  • Vibrant Franco-Canadian community.
  • Bordered by the stunning Millcreek Ravine.
  • Access to Francophone University Faculty St Jean.
  • Short drive to both Whyte Avenue & downtown Edmonton.
  • LTR access.


Exuding tranquility, Strathearn’s quiet, tree-lined streets and picturesque views provide a serene backdrop for custom homes. Residential development began in the mid-20th century, featuring charming bungalows and two-story homes that have since undergone renovations to include modern amenities. The increasing popularity of infill development in Strathearn highlights the neighbourhood’s embrace of contemporary living, with new constructions incorporating modern elements like rooftop patios and customized finishes.

Strathearn’s allure is further enhanced by its proximity to local community amenities, schools, and various transit options, making it a convenient location for families and professionals. With the downtown core just a short distance away, residents enjoy the benefits of city living without sacrificing the peaceful ambience of their neighbourhood. The Muttart Conservatory, Gallagher Park, and nearby shopping centers further contribute to the neighbourhood’s appeal, offering various activities and conveniences at residents’ doorsteps.

Strathearn feature:

  • Borders the North Saskatchewan River.
  • Access to the incredible River Valley biking trails.
  • Located in the heart of the River Valley.
  • Incredible cityscape views.
  • LRT access.
  • Home of the Annual Strathearn Art Walk.

Rio Terrace

Exemplifying scenic living in Edmonton, the family-oriented neighbourhood of Rio Terrace in West Edmonton is a sought-after location for custom home builders. The area offers a diverse mix of classic bungalows and modern homes, catering to various preferences and ensuring every family can find a home that suits their unique lifestyle. With amenities such as parks, quality schools, and shopping centers within reach, Rio Terrace shines as a destination for those seeking to build a custom home in a community that prioritizes safety, spirit, and family-friendly living.

Rio Terrace features:

  • Access to stunning walking paths.
  • Quick access to the whitemud.
  • Amazing school and parks.


The historic, west-central Westmount neighbourhood offers custom home builders a harmonious blend of heritage charm and modern conveniences, making it ideal for crafting unique living spaces. Renowned for its craftsman-style homes, the area showcases Edmonton’s architectural evolution over the past century. Its proximity to downtown Edmonton enhances Westmount’s allure, striking a perfect balance between suburban tranquillity and urban accessibility for families and young professionals.

The appeal of Westmount extends beyond its architecture; the area provides a wealth of amenities, including Westmount Park, fitness centres, an outdoor skating rink, playgrounds, and sports fields, catering to various recreational pursuits. The nearby North Saskatchewan River Valley further enriches the recreational offerings with hiking, cycling, and walking trails, providing residents with abundant opportunities to immerse themselves in the great outdoors. Moreover, downtown Edmonton’s cultural and entertainment options are just moments away, ensuring that Westmount residents enjoy a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.


With its strong community spirit and lush green spaces like Mill Creek Ravine Park, the southeast Hazeldean community offers a serene yet vibrant setting for custom home builders. The tree-lined streets create a backdrop for a neighbourhood deeply rooted in community values, where local events and gatherings foster a tight-knit atmosphere that welcomes all new residents. This sense of community, combined with the convenience of nearby amenities such as shopping centres, restaurants, and entertainment venues, positions Hazeldean as a prime location for those seeking to build a custom home.

The real estate options in Hazeldean cater to diverse lifestyles and budgets, spanning from character homes to modern condominiums. This range ensures that whether you’re looking for a charming residence with historic charm or a sleek, contemporary dwelling, Hazeldean can accommodate your vision for a custom home that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle.

Hazeldean features:

  • Overlooks the Millcreek Ravine.
  • Access to Argyll Sports Centre.

King Edward Park

Embodying the essence of family-friendly living, King Edward Park attracts young families seeking to build a custom home with its welcoming environment and strategic location. It is conveniently located near Whyte Avenue, Millcreek Ravine, & Old Strathcona.

This location fosters a cohesive residential community and provides easy access to Edmonton’s diverse amenities, making it an ideal destination for families to establish themselves and for custom home builders to realize their clients’ visions.

Forest Heights

Nestled within East-Central Edmonton, Forest Heights presents custom home builders with:

  • Expansive executive and estate lots
  • Scenic views of the lake, green spaces, or mature woodlands
  • Diverse orientations of lots, including standard, pie-shaped, and walkout options

This community seamlessly blends luxury with nature, providing a living experience that is both luxurious and deeply grounded in the beauty of the surrounding environment. The array of lot options offers a variety of design possibilities for those seeking to construct a custom home tailored to their preferences. Forest Heights enjoys convenient access to commercial and retail districts and Edmonton via 50th Street, highlighting its desirable location.

Forest Heights features:

  • The community overlooks the North Saskatchewan River.
  • Easy access to Wayne Gretzky Drive.
  • Many amazing school options.


With its traditional charm and family-friendly atmosphere, Holyrood emerges as an attractive destination for custom home building. Custom homes in Holyrood are designed to embody each homeowner’s style and vision, emphasizing personalization and uniqueness throughout construction.

Builders in Holyrood demonstrate proven expertise in crafting homes from inception to completion, ensuring that each residence stands out as a distinctive masterpiece rather than just another mass-produced house. These custom homes are tailored to accommodate specific requirements and lifestyles, such as residences designed with equestrian families in mind, offering breathtaking backyard vistas and convenient access to natural landscapes like the North Saskatchewan River.

Holyrood features:

  • Adjacent to many incredible communities such as Bonnie Doon.
  • Easy access to downtown via Connor Road.
  • Near Bonnie Doon Mall.
  • Plenty of green spaces.


As we journey through Edmonton’s top neighbourhoods for custom home building, it becomes evident that each area offers a unique blend of lifestyle choices, community spirit, and architectural opportunities. From the mature charm of southeast neighbourhoods to the family-friendly atmospheres of Rio Terrace and King Edward Park, Edmonton presents diverse locations, each with unique appeal. Whether you’re drawn to Westmount’s historical ambiance, Old Strathcona’s cultural vibrancy, or the serene greenery of Hazeldean, there’s a place for your dream home within Edmonton’s dynamic urban landscape.

Building a custom home in Edmonton extends beyond mere bricks and mortar; it’s about creating a space that resonates with your ideas. Each neighbourhood we’ve explored provides a foundation for a fulfilling life, with communities ready to welcome new stories. Let Edmonton’s streets inspire you, as they have countless others, to craft a home that not only meets your needs but also enriches the tapestry of this lively city.