Build A House That Is Your Dream Home

While there are many outstanding properties, few can be a better fit than the one you’ve designed and built yourself. After all, it is never easier to ensure the space, growth, and architectural finish you’ve always had in mind than to manufacture your living space.

Of course, if you’ve never done it before, or if you’ve never considered the possibility, then designing your dream home could too easily be pushed to the side in place of less-suited properties that are ready to go. To prevent that from happening, we’re going to reasonably consider how you, too, could build a house that very quickly becomes your dream home.

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1. Cement your Vision

Without a vision, you’ll inevitably find it easier to move straight into someone else’s idea of what a dream home should be. Hence, starting the journey toward building your dream home is about cementing your vision. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do this, including browsing existing properties online to checking out the portfolios of custom home builders in your area. In either instance, you want to find inspiration around architectural finishes, layout, and interiors to ensure that your home build is the best it possibly can be.

2. Set a Budget & Pre-Qualify

Unlike standard properties, building your home means you should either ensure cash is in the bank or seek alternative funding methods like construction loans. Before this is possible, it’s always important to set a budget that makes your dream home achievable. Working towards rough estimates for labour costs, materials, and licensing can help you develop a realistic plan for where your money will come from, how long it might take, and where you could make space for project overspending.

3. Find your Dream Team

Have you come to the right place? Learn More about our team here! While there is always the option of doing things yourself, realistically, building the perfect property is best achieved with the help of the right professionals. Taking the time to select local custom home builders who want to understand your vision and bring it to life can ensure a stress-free home-building experience that always leads directly to that dream home. You’ll want to seek a dream team with the knowledge to simplify every single element of the building process while always keeping you informed. Experience building in your local area and an impressive portfolio of past properties can also help put your mind at ease that this is the right company for your project.

4. Don’t Rush Design

Rushing any stage of the design process will inevitably lead to compromises on a dream property. After all, you’ve been compromising on less-than-perfect properties your entire life – now is the time for perfection. In some respects, this point comes back to the team of builders you bring on board, with the dream team being one that will never rush or force design decisions but will instead return to the drawing board until you’re happy.

However, you’ll also need to take responsibility here and trust the need to keep redesigning even small elements like wardrobe space and your chosen windows until you’re 100% happy that this is the property you’ve been searching for.

5. Have Faith During the Building Stage

With average new home builds taking as long as 12 months, it’s not unusual for homeowners to experience a wobble of faith at some stage, but the reality is that remaining strong is fundamental for ensuring that you’ve got a dream home in the end of things. Pulling the plug on certain project elements that look set to run over or losing faith when it comes to the budget you initially set out for yourself can certainly see you compromising on crucial design features that you should never miss. What’s more, there’s no reason for this.

After all, the steps you’ve taken so far mean that your vision, design, and budget should be more than up to this challenge and that you have the best possible team in your corner for bringing that property to life at last. All you need to do is keep your initial plans in mind, trust that your contractors know what they’re doing, and remember that even lengthy building work will be more than worthwhile when you’re finally opening that front door for the first time!

6. Enjoy the Finished Product

Ultimately, enjoying your dream home is as crucial for the space as the building process itself. After all, this is when you’ll be able to make that space your own and perfect things that aren’t necessarily factored for in the building process, including your interiors. Keeping lines of communication open with your custom home builders is also crucial here, ensuring that you’ve always got a team who can quickly and efficiently make the adjustments you need even if certain design features don’t work for you. Be happy here.

Trust in Timber Haus to Bring your Dream Home to Life

Building a house that is your dream home needn’t be the complex process that you might be imagining, especially not with the help of an experienced team that will always put your vision first, just like we do here at Timber Haus.

Our experienced team of award-winning Edmonton designers won’t let you down when bringing your home vision to life. We’ll refund your design and drafting fees once you build with us! Simply start as you mean to go on with your dream home creation by contacting us to discuss your project today either online or at 780-695-0245.