Average Cost to Build a House in Edmonton

We all have a vision of how the perfect house should look, and building it from scratch is the ideal way to turn the fantasy into a reality. However, it would help if you researched the average house cost in Edmonton before you start.

Partnering with an award-winning home building contractor like Timber Haus will instantly lead you to success. Conducting research into your proposed project is still essential.

Some of the critical questions you will want to ask:

  • “How much is the average cost of building a house?” 
  • “How does it compare to the cost of buying a house in Edmonton?”
  • “What costs need to get factored into your home building project?”

Here’s all you need to know.

New home kitchen with black and white cabinets
New home in Edmonton

How much does it cost to build a home in Edmonton in 2022?

The cost to build a house in Edmonton will depend on a wide range of factors, including the exact location as well as the size of the property, chosen building materials, and interior design choices. Edmonton is considered a very affordable custom home market when compared to cities like Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto. 

To get an idea of how much it would cost to build your dream vision in Edmonton, contact the experts at Timber Haus.  They have an intimate understanding of all the variables that must be considered when building a custom home.  They will work closely with you to create your vision while also matching it to your budget.

How to control the costs of your Edmonton home build

Research shows that the average house cost in Edmonton for single-family dwellings is $463,050. Building a home will often save you money while simultaneously allowing you to choose a design you love that won’t require any work once you move in.

Nevertheless, it is vital to recognize the costs and identify the best ways to stop your costs from spiraling out of control. Focus on the following factors:

Think about the land

Before building a home, you must purchase a plot of land. You will find that there are contrasting land prices between different neighbourhoods. Our experts can help you discuss the finances and procedures of land acquisition. 

Think long-term

Getting the best price for your home design is one thing, but you must consider the long-term finances. A heavy focus on natural living designs, sustainable materials, and eco-friendly elements will serve you well. Meanwhile, ensuring that the plan is practical for your current and future lifestyle is vital. Taking the long-term use of your home into consideration, such as incorporating an office or another bedroom for a future child, will help with the current design process and alleviate potential future headaches.

Mastering the design today will save you a fortune in the long run.

Select the right contractor

Partnering with the right home builder is the most crucial step. A team that offers a comprehensive service and detailed estimates and breakdowns is vital. Clear communication lets you know exactly how your budget will be spent and confirm that every element, from floor plans to material choices, is as desired. Furthermore, a local presence and a strong portfolio of work will add further confidence.

Ready to get your project started?

Now that you understand the average house cost in Edmonton and how to keep costs reasonable, call Timber Haus to arrange a full consultation. Whether you’ve already secured funding or want to know exactly how much your intended project would cost, we’re here to help!