7 Essential Elements for Luxury Homes in Edmonton

What comes to mind when you imagine building your dream home? We all have features we would love to incorporate into our homes, from a gorgeous chef’s kitchen to a spa-like bathroom. Still, several essential features can really make your home stand out. Let’s take a closer look at the essential interior elements that enhance comfort and lifestyle and exemplify luxury.

Natural Lighting and Lofty Ceilings

When building a custom home, we include large windows and skylights to bring natural light into your home. Large windows offer well-lit and welcoming spaces, creating a naturally uplifting environment. High ceilings also create an amplified sense of space and grandeur, adding aesthetic appeal to your home.

Custom Closets

A well-designed custom closet is a coveted feature of any primary bedroom and whispers luxury and elegance. Custom closets are perfect for organizing all your clothes and shoes, with specially appointed drawers and shelves to house all your accessories. A full-length mirror and good lighting make this space ideal for assembling the perfect outfit. Consider adding a cozy seating area to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Smart Home Systems

A luxury home deserves a smart home system designed to optimize efficiency, improve security, and enhance comfort. Features of smart home systems include controlling your thermostat from your phone and activating lights, music, and blinds with a simple voice command.

Custom-Built Rooms

Incorporate your lifestyle by including custom-built rooms in your design plan. A wine cellar will create a distinctive feature of your home that is sure to spark many conversations. Adding a high-tech home theatre room with the latest audio-visual technology will generate interest. If you work from home, consider a private office separate from your living space so you can focus on your work in a dedicated and inspiring setting. Separate entrances also work well if you are meeting with clients and want to maintain the privacy of your home.

Wellness Amenities

Your custom luxury home is not just a place to relax; consider it your opportunity to create a space to nurture your spiritual and physical health. Why not add a relaxing yoga room with floor-to-ceiling mirrors to strengthen your body and mind? A personal fitness room is also a great addition that allows you to workout at any time of day. Hot tubs and saunas are great amenities that promote relaxation and support your mental and physical well-being.

Chef’s Kitchen

How often have you watched a home renovation show and been enthralled by the gorgeous kitchen? Your kitchen is a key feature of your home; it’s the place where your family gathers each night and a place to enjoy food with friends. A beautiful kitchen island with seating is a great place to welcome guests, and smart appliances and custom cabinetry really make this space stand out.

A Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry is a great addition to your home as it can house bulky appliances and serves as a staging area to prepare and store food on days when you’re entertaining guests. A butler’s pantry helps keep your kitchen clean and tidy, as you can use it for food preparation and keep your dirty dishes hidden away. It also provides ample storage, so you never have to worry about cluttered countertops.

Consult with a Home Builder in Edmonton, Alberta

When starting a custom home-building project in the Edmonton area, an experienced home builder makes all the difference. At Timber Haus, we pride ourselves on attention to detail to design a luxury home that you’ll love. Our interior design team will create floor plans to cater to your lifestyle needs with high-end finishes and features so you can experience the perfect blend of functionality and sophistication in your luxury home.

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