5 Nature-Inspired Design Ideas You’ll Fall in Love with Instantly

When you design your dream home, you can bring elements of the natural world into your living space. This type of nature-inspired design is called biophilic design. It is part of a growing trend that focuses on transforming your home to nurture a deeper connection with nature. In the post, we’ll explore various ways to incorporate nature into your home design, creating a relaxing and calming environment for your family.

The Importance of Natural Design in Living Spaces

Considering that we spend most of our time indoors, embracing natural design elements to promote your well-being makes sense. While most people focus on visual appeal in the offices and homes they design, it’s also important to bring in elements that satisfy the sense of touch, smell, and hearing to create a multi-sensory experience.

What Is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design is a concept that connects people with nature within modern buildings and landscapes. It does this by introducing elements from the natural environment into your home and including natural shapes and patterns in the architecture to mimic the feeling you experience in nature.

Bringing Nature Elements into Your Home

Biophilic design incorporates the natural environment by bringing light, earthy colours, plants, and other elements of nature into your home. Large windows and skylights help flood your home with natural light, improving mood and fostering a sense of well-being for individuals living in the home. Open-concept living spaces also create flow, and high ceilings enhance the airiness of the space.

Use Natural Materials

Using earth tones throughout your home also has a therapeutic effect. Earth colours connect you to nature, and the neutral tones can help you relax. Biophilic design also promotes the use of natural materials in your home. Natural materials are superior to man-made ones as they contain fewer toxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that would otherwise pollute the indoor air.

Incorporate Natural Shapes

Nothing is more pleasing to the eye than natural shapes found in nature, and biophilic principles prioritize them within home design. You can mimic natural curves such as leaves, waves, or petals in your furniture choices and use rugs or artwork to emphasize natural lines.

Wallpaper and other textiles can be chosen to reflect geometric patterns such as honeycombs, fractals or spirals that add depth and a sense of order to your space. Incorporate branch-like structures in the form of lighting fixtures, room dividers, or staircases for a visually stunning look.

Rocks and Pebbles

Rocks and pebbles are a great addition to your landscaping, and rock faces work well as a feature for both interior and exterior walls. Rocks and pebbles can also be used as decoration indoors and are perfect for indoor planters.

Create a Multi-Sensory Experience

Indoor fountains and outdoor ponds make a nice addition to any home. The sound of water is relaxing and helps to promote a sense of wellness and calm. The sight and smell of fresh plants have a therapeutic effect that stimulates the senses, invoking a positive chemical response.

What Is the Cost to Build a House with Biophilic Design?

The cost of building a custom home depends on the square footage and the features you wish to incorporate into the home. It’s best to consult a custom home builder to discuss biophilic design and determine the construction costs when building your dream home.

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