10 Instant Lifestyle Upgrades that Come with a Custom Home

When your house is designed and built custom for you, you have the freedom to fit your house precisely to your needs without compromising or settling. Timber Haus is here to help you start dreaming of your own custom home with these ten instant lifestyle upgrades that come with designing your home.

1. More Storage

Everyone loves storage. It reduces clutter monumentally, allowing for more organization and a less tight living space. With a custom build, you can choose how much storage you get and where it goes. It’ll be intuitive for you, making it easier to find things.

2. Better Use of Space

Have a unique idea to maximize the use of your house, like using your guest room for the in-laws and your hobbies? Building a custom home allows you to implement your ideas when you work with expert designers.

3. More Privacy

Remember that weird floor plan at your friend’s house that left the bathroom window facing the neighbour’s living room? Uncomfortable, right? Expert designers will consider these things when building your new home.

4. Bonus Features Built Right In

Have you always wanted a laundry chute? With a custom home, this can become a reality. Experienced designers can build in any extra features you want to improve your home from the beginning. This saves you from the painstaking process of adding things on later and wondering how much they’ll cost.

5. Better Layout of Shared Spaces

Consider how you want to use shared spaces and how you want to interact with those you live with. Eating and relaxing spaces could be near each other, or they could be totally separate. As you discuss with your household members what works best for you, you decide.

6. Options for Add-Ons

With garden suites growing in popularity, you might be interested in adding your guest space to your property or home. Choosing a custom home designer with experience designing garden suites makes it easy to implement add-ons into your build process.

7. Relax in Your Style

As mentioned, with a custom home, you don’t need to settle for anything that doesn’t fit your household. You can forget worrying about old flooring you hate, tacky cupboards, or dim, ineffective lighting. You can work with designers to build the dream home that suits your tastes.

8. Easier Cooking

One of the most common renovation jobs out there is kitchen renovation. Unfortunately, not all kitchens are built equally, and many are less than functional. With your custom home, your kitchen can be highly effective and designed to suit your routine and household needs.

9. Easier Cleaning

With a custom home, every choice has intention, and you won’t end up with those weird, hard-to-clean corners that you get stuck with in other homes. Your preferences make your home well-suited for your needs, making cleaning and maintenance easier.

10. Lack of Problem Areas

When you move in, you won’t take mental notes of DIY jobs or renovations to save up for. Instead, you’ll relax in the perfect new home built just for you. When you work with the expert designers here at Timber Haus, we want you to be happy with your home, and we’ll make sure you love it before it’s even built.

Custom Home Builders in Edmonton

Designing your custom home is all about you and your household. What do you need? What do you want? Timber Haus is here to help you make your dreams a reality. With our award-winning designs, we’re a top choice for custom homes in Edmonton, and we can’t wait to start creating with you. Take a step towards your dream home today!