Acreage Haus.

Featured Design: Sherwood Park Custom Acreage

The results are spectacular when our philosophy of naturally inspired living meets an acreage home. Building a house on an acreage allows us to expand more ground-level space, which the Acreage Haus showcases.

With almost 5,300 sq. ft., the Acreage Haus was inspired by modern mountain chalets and elevated their offerings to new heights. Vast vaulted ceilings bring warm natural light to bathe spaces in the sun’s offerings. Included in this project was a garden suite for relatives and friends to enjoy natural views and be close to the family. The home is built into a hillside, like homes of years past, and comfortably nests into the natural surroundings.

acreage features

Acreage Haus

Acreage garden suite

Acreage Haus Garden Suite

Acreage Haus Gallery